11 Triathlon Quotes for Inspiration

Triathlon quotes are an inspiration for when you just don’t feel motivated to finish today’s workout. Or maybe you have had a long break from training due to injury or family obligations. Whatever your situation is, I have put these quotes together to give you a boost. I hope that they inspire you to just keep going. Stay awesome triathletes! Have an amazing day!

“A triathlete doesn’t need to train perfectly, a triathlete needs to train continually.”

Triathlon Quotes - Persistence Not Perfection

Continually produce positive self-talk to get through the suffering of triathlon training and races.

Triathlon Quotes - Positivism

When you train from 15 to 30 hours per week, be sure to find the beauty in the scenery around you!

Triathlon - Find the Beauty

The joy of a triathlete comes before, during, and after all of the pain and hard work!

The Joy of Triathlon

To be a triathlete means that one has adapted body and mind to endure a challenge that motivates yourself and all who know you.

Triathlon Quotes -Motivation

The goal of triathletes is to endure each training and race to the greatest of their ability.

Triathlete's Goal

When you feel alone in your training or in the race, imagine all of the other triathletes training and racing right now.

Triathletes are never alone

Don’t think about speed… Think about having good form and staying relaxed… Then, the speed will come.

Triathlon Speed

When you are in a triathlon, remember how well you trained for it. Remember how wonderful each stroke, pedal, and step are. And keep thinking about those that supported you along the way.

Triathlon Think of Those Who Helped

Triathletes plan well, train well, and expect the unexpected.

Triathletes Expect the Unexpected

Awaken your feelings of endurance and strength, and the true triathlete will shine through.

Triathlon Quotes

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I hope you liked all of these triathlon quotes! Feel free to share them with your friends or anyone you know that could use a little boost. If you would like to see 3 inspiring stories about training and doing Ironman 70.3 races check out this page.

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