Swimming Quotes to Motivate and Inspire

Here are a few swimming quotes to help motivate and inspire you to continue pursuing your goals.

I wrote motivation quotes to help motivate and inspire triathletes as well. But, now I want to focus in on the pure swimmers.

As an amateur triathlete, I have many days that I need a little motivation to keep me going back into the water. I love swimming. There is an amazing freedom and flow in the pool that is unlike any other sport. And I usually feel amazing after a training session. But, some days, getting back into the water can feel like pushing a car.

These quotes are for when those days come around, and you don’t know how you are going to get yourself into the water.

One swimming quote that you can use to keep yourself going is: “Be a happy swimmer.” One reason this quote might help you, is so that you can calm down and just take your time. Consistently finishing your training session is more important that always hitting your training times.

If you are happily swimming in the water, your stroke and form will inevitably be more aligned with how your body naturally flows through the water. This is in contrast to when you get all tightened up because you are forcing the swim.

Here a few quotes to help keep you motivated and inspired!

Swimming is not about perfection. It’s all about persistence!

Swimming Quotes - Persistence

You have adapted your body and mind to swimming. Swimming is now a part of you. It’s perfectly fine to take a break… Just remember to jump back in. You are a swimmer.

Swimming Quotes - It's a part of you

Always say positive words to yourself when you feel the negative thoughts start to creep in. Just jump in and begin.

Swimming Quotes - Positive Self Talk

Swimming is easy when you keep it 90/10…. 10% work 90% FUN.

Swimming Quotes - Keep it Fun!

When the pool seems dreary and the sky is gray, remember that above the clouds and below the water it is all a beautiful blue.

The ultimate achievement of a swimmer is to give each training and race our best. Our best is all about what we give right now!

When you feel like you are suffering in your training. Stop, recall your motivation for swimming, and then keep going.