5 Best Exercise Bikes at Walmart

Are you trying to find the best exercise bike at Walmart? Here are my top picks.

1. ProForm Carbon CX

Walmart ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike
Provided by Walmart

Firstly, looking for a top of the line exercise bike at Walmart is a challenge. But, you needn’t look any further than the Pro-Form Carbon CX. You will not have all of the high end features that you get with a Peloton bike, but you will get everything you need and more with this powerhouse.

Pricey with Features

It is pricey and full of features. It has an integrated tablet holder. The bike is programmable with iFit. Ifit is a workout platform that gives you in-home spin classes while you are on the Pro-Form Carbon CX’s.

There are pins and knobs that allow you to adjust the bike to fit your body into a comfortable position.

There is a pin to raise the saddle height. Another pin allows you to adjust the saddle forward and backward. The final pin allows you to raise or lower the handlebar height.

There is one knob that increases or decreases the tension on the flywheel. This makes it easier to adjust the tension while you are riding. If you are using the Ifit program, Ifit will automatically adjust the tension for you.

Two caged foot pedals provide stability when you are riding the Pro-Form carbon CX exercise bike. When you begin spinning quickly on the bike you need that foot cage to keep your foot in place.

Caged foot pedals become even more important when you are standing up and riding quickly. And you look so much cooler when you don’t fall off of your stationary bike.

It’s Pretty

This exercise bike is one of the prettiest at Walmart. It is modeled after the Peloton exercise bike. It has v-shaped leg bottoms. The small dumbbell weight holders are placed on the rear of the saddle. There is a beautiful red color circle over the central pedal area.

You can see a silhouette of inner working of the chain ring/band ring. It looks better than an exercise bike you would ride on in a fancy gym. I went to a fancy Virgin Gym in Rome a couple of years ago and I was amazed at their beautiful equipment. But the $2000+ watt bike was not as pretty as this exercise bike.

Relatively Quiet

This bike is quiet! Now, I know quiet is relative to each ear. But, I think she is quiet compared to other exercise bikes that Walmart sells.

It’s Comfortable and Solid

Comfortable handlebars and a solid alloy frame are important for an exercise bike. When you feel a strong stable bike beneath you, you will feel more confident to ride it more often. Some of the bikes you could buy at Walmart are notably weak and unstable.

The handlebars are designed to get you up on them with all of your body weight. And with all that bodyweight your hands and wrist, you will not feel as much stress as you might on other exercise bikes.

The wider grip bars are designed for the up tempo workouts. The inner handlebars are designed for long workouts. This is a feature you will find on most exercise bikes for good reason. They are great for a solid spin session.

The saddle/seat on the Pro-Form Carbon CX is very comfortable. It is not super cushioned, but it will keep your rear-end feeling just fine after a hard workout.

If you experience discomfort, try and adjust the distance between your handlebars and your saddle. For you fellas out there, make sure you don’t experience pain in your perineum. If you do, adjust your seat depth and height until it doesn’t hurt.

Overall, this is a wonderful exercise bike. You can stop reading the rest of the article, go to Walmart’s website if you want one. But, if you need something comparable at a lower price point and without so many features, keep reading.

2. Sunny Health Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike

Walmart Sunny Health
Provided by Walmart

Whether you are looking at an exercise bike to use for your in-home spin class, or you just want something to get your cardio up, the Sunny Health Fitness exercise bike from Walmart is an excellent choice.

It is the second best exercise bike in the Walmart line up. It is second best due to a lack of features that are in the Pro-Form Carbon CX. But, this bike has everything you need to get for a quality workout. It has many of the features that you expect to see on indoor bikes for a reasonable price.

The Features

There are adjustable knobs that help you increase the angle of the bike’s saddle. Other knobs adjust the saddle height, the handlebar angle, and the amount of resistance that you wish to apply to the flywheel.

Two small wheels allow you to roll the indoor bike wherever you wish it to be placed in your home or gym. I like this feature. It is one of the simplest features. But, simple is great when I try moving 113 pounds across a floor.

A caged foot pedal keeps your foot in place while you ride.

Consequently, there is no need to worry about slipping off when you pedal quickly. There is not a heel leash to keep you from pulling your foot out when you pull the pedal upwards and backwards. But, most indoor spin bikes don’t have this option.

These bikes are meant for cardio workouts. They are not designed to train for real road/off-road races.

A water bottle cage is provided on the side of the bike. It is located just below the handlebars so that you can access it while riding your bike.

The Handlebars and Flywheel

The handlebars are very well made. There is an outer section for placing your hands on while you are pushing on at a steady pace. The inner section of handlebars provide tighter grip to be used when you are focusing on more forward-leaning seated position. This is meant to simulate a position one would take on an outdoor bike if you wanted to be more aerodynamic.

These handlebars are made of soft durable synthetic foam. Clean them with alcohol or soap and water.

The flywheel is made of metal alloys and plastics. Therefore, the flywheel will last a longtime. And any mechanical difficulty that comes from regular use is covered under a manufactures warranty. The flywheel exerts 40 pounds of inertial force to your ride. You can adjust the resistance with the knob that is attached to the frame of the bike.

This bike is a solid exercise bike for its price. You get all of the basic features you can expect from an exercise bike. And you’re looking at a reasonable price tag that won’t leave with buyer’s remorse.

3. Pro-Form 400 SPX Indoor Exercise Bike

Walmart ProForm 400 SPX
Provided by Walmart

The Pro-Form 400 indoor exercise bike is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sturdy metal framed exercise bike. With similar specifications as the Sunny Health Fitness bike, you are sure to get all you expect out of this little gem.

Why It’s Third on the List of Exercise Bikes

This is my third overall pick for an exercise bike from Walmart’s vast array of over 50 bikes. The price is decent and on par with the Sunny Health Fitness Bike. The color and the angle of the handlebars are choice.

The Pro-Form 400 has adjustable knobs that are similar to the Sunny Health Fitness bike above. They are accessible and well built. You can adjust the seat/saddle post height. The seat’s/saddle’s distance from the handlebars can also be adjusted.

The height of the handlebars are adjustable with a knob on the front. A knob under the handlebars that attaches to the flywheel. You can increase or decrease the tension of this knob by twisting it clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The Pro-Form provides small wheels at the base of the bike that help you roll the bike across the floor to the storage area you have designated for it. I know it’s standard on most stationary bikes, but it makes moving that 100 pounds so much easier.

The Most Important Stuff for an Exercise Bike from Walmart

Caged foot pedals come standard. Importantly, this prevents you from sliding off the bike while you are standing and pedaling, or while you are spinning fast. It’s not fun slipping and bumping your leg with a pedal. For me, there is usually a need for a bandage if I slip. Use the pedal cage. It’s worth it.

First, the water bottle cage is in a better position than on the Sunny Health Fitness bike. Having the bottle cage between the legs on the flywheel stem keeps you from adjusting your body too much to reach it whilst riding.

A nice sip of cold water is never far away on this exercise bike.

Next, the handlebars are steel framed. This exercise bike has a foam cushioning that is comfortable to the touch and provides you with a firm yet gentle grip while riding. The handlebar height is adjustable. This makes it easy for even the tallest rider to comfortably position themselves on the bike.

Finally, the flywheel has an adjustable knob that allows you to increase tension or decrease tension on the wheel. If you need a stronger heavier pedal, you can increase the tension. If you need a lighter experience, you can decrease the tension.

This exercise bike from Walmart is a solid choice if you want to spend less and get a quality workout. This bike should last you quite a few years of continuous use without any issues. I think you can definitely benefit from purchasing this bike.

The next two bikes that I have listed are my choices for an honorable mention.

4. Schwinn IC3 Indoor Exercise Bike

Walmart Schwinn IC3
Provided by Walmart

Schwinn is a solid gold standard cycling company. Their quality has diminished over the past 25 years. They have rebranded themselves as a company that caters to the general public instead of cycling enthusiast.

That being said, the Schwinn IC3 is a good starter exercise bike from Wally World. It has all of the features of the two previous bikes without a built in water bottle cage on the frame of the bike.

Instead, they have put the water bottle holder on the display holder. So, you can have both your IPad and your water bottle on your bike at the same time. But, I don’t think it is the best location. Water and tablets don’t mix well.

The one advantage to the other two bikes above is that the display is much nicer.

Overall, this is a solid bike from a solid company.

5. Costway Exercise Bike

Walmart Costway Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
Provided by Walmart

Finally, the last exercise bike that I recommend from Walmart. Costway is a lesser known company, but it has built a bike that is nearly identical to the 4 previous bikes.

One aspect of this bike that I like a little more than the others are the springs on the saddle. This is reminiscent of older bikes from the 20th century, but newer cruiser bikes use them. They are awesome. They are very comfortable!

I like these handlebars more than the others. I think its because of the angle they are positioned at. They are just right.

All of the other features are comparable to the 4 exercise bikes mentioned above.

In Conclusion

If you are having a difficult time deciding which bike to buy, try to remember that they are all almost the same. They all have slightly varied features. Some are compatible with apps that help you train. Some are just work horses that get the job done. But, in the end, they are all worth the money.

I personally have not purchased one of these machines because I have an indoor bike trainer that is designed to integrate with my road bike. I use mine every week, and sometimes 3 times a week.

Getting an exercise bike is just good for your health. It’s a low impact and potentially high intensity training that will help you stay fit or get fitter in the privacy of your own home.

If you are also looking for some nice accessories for riding outdoors, check out this article that I wrote for those in search of gifts for triathletes.

I hope this article helped you find an exercise bike at Walmart that is right for you.