31 Great Gifts for Triathletes – That They Will Love!

Gifts for Triathletes 1-5

1. Garmin 935 – The Best Gift for Triathletes

Gifts for triathletes are so much fun to look for!

This Garmin 935 is hands down is one of the best gifts for triathletes.

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Garmin Forerunner 935
Provided by Amazon

I used to use a TomTom Spark 3. It was good for just starting out. Cheap and provided most of the functions you would expect for training. But, my Garmin 935 is made for triathletes like me. Here is why:

  • The battery can last through a full Ironman
  • It has nearly every metric a triathlete could want (indoor swim, open water swimming, outdoor and indoor running, treadmill, bike, and indoor trainer)
  • The connectivity with all of the other devices a triathlete has are quickly configured
  • It’s tough and lightweight

The goal of any gift is to make someone feel awesome! This watch will make the person you give it to jump up and show you all the love.

2. ON Shoes

These shoes are the rave amongst triathlon circles.

On Cloud
Provided by Amazon

Some of my friends have changed there entire casual shoe ensemble with different types of ON shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for runners and triathletes. This definitely one of the top sought after gifts for triathletes all over the world.

There are not many companies out there that have triathletes in mind. This company does. They design shoes for triathletes who are doing short distances. And they provide shoes for triathletes that are doing ultra Ironman races.

I am still rolling in my Nikes just fine at the moment. But, my next purchase for racing and training shoes will be ON.

3. TYR Transition Bag – An Unexpected Gift for Triathletes

Every serious triathlete loves a nice transition/travel bag.

TYR Transition Bag
Provided by Amazon

A transition bag sounds a bit redundant and unnecessary. I used to thing that you could just use any old back. Any to be perfectly honest, you can. I have used an Aeropec diving bag before. It worked just fine.

But, triathlon specific transition bags are so well designed for race day that other bags don’t really compare well. They have sections for a wet suit, water bottles, bike gear and repair equipment, shoes, energy gels, helmets, and dry clothes. The bag is compartmentalized to fit everything your triathlete needs on race day.

There are a few companies that sell these kinds of bags. I highly recommend the TYR transition bag. It checks all the needs and wants of a triathlete.

This is an ideal gift for triathletes.

4. Tacx Indoor Trainer

Nearly every triathlete I know does indoor bike training.

Most of them don’t like indoor trainers. This is because we don’t get to go anywhere and it can be a super tough workout. But, there is no better bike workout. If a triathlete wants to compete at a higher level they really want to do indoor training.

I started my indoor training with my coach. He has Wahoo Kickrs in his class. They are great. But the there are 2 others that I would recommend.

I have the Tacx Satori Smart trainer.

I love it! It’s easy to set up and I get an amazing workout. And it pairs with software like Zwift to create a video game/ virtual experience. And you can find them for less then $300.

I recommend getting the Tacx Flux S. It is a midrange direct drive trainer that you can get for about $900.

Tacx Flux S
Provided by Amazon

Other friends of mine use the Tacx Neo 2 Smart trainer.

Tacx Neo 2
Provided by Amazon

It is the Ferrari of bike trainers and can simulate road conditions like cobblestones and gravel through the frame of the bike. It is amazing!

The Tacx Neo Smart trainer is among the top gifts for triathletes that you really really love!

5. Zwift Account

Gifting a month or a year of Zwift to your triathlete is really cool.


We work with elite World Tour coaches and build workouts to make you the cyclist you want to become. Programs are tailored to your fitness level and easy to follow, taking the guesswork out of training while keeping it fun. Train by yourself, or join a scheduled group workout.

It’s easy to do and they will thank you for Zwift during those super tough indoor treadmill and bike trainer workouts.

Zwift is an online training platform that is set up like a game. As the a triathlete pedals or runs, they move on roads and paths inside of this virtual simulation. The fun part is that you do it with people from all over the world. And you can even join group rides or races online.

This is superb if the gift for your triathlete is something you want to keep gifting them over a long period of time.

Gifts for Triathletes 6-10

6. Training Peaks Membership

This is an awesome personal training membership website for triathletes!

Training Software and Apps For Endurance Athletes

Train the right way and be confident on race day with software and apps for triathlon, cycling and running. Sign up free.

If the triathlete on your gift list could benefit from a personal coach, this is the website for him/her. They trailer plans specifically for a triathletes goals for the next few months or years. The coaches are considered to be top notch. They have a huge presence in the triathlon community at large.

The best part about it is that a triathlete can get this awesome training with out being with their coach in person.

This gift will be something your triathlete may have never purchased on their own.

7. Helmet

A bike helmet is an awesome gift for a triathlete! It’s the best way to protect your triathlete as well.

Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Bike Helmet | Trek Bikes

Enhance your cycling experience with Bontrager XXX WaveCel Cycling Helmet. Find the best gear at trekbikes.com and your local Trek retailer. Shop now!

The Bontrager WaveCel Helmet technology is in a class of it’s own. This is potentially the safest helmet on the market. The goal of designing this helmet was to reduce the force produced on the brain during a collision or fall. It’s also a gorgeously designed helmet.

Helmets vary in function and design. A good way to go about picking out one for them, is to find out generally how big their dome piece is. Most bike helmets are sized by small, medium, and large.

Next, you just need to know what kind of triathlons they are competing in. If they are competing in an Olympic distance triathlons or sprint distance triathlons, you can get them a nice helmet like the Kask Utopia helmet. This helmet is worn by a few pros out there and it just looks pretty darn good.

I use a Kask Rapido helmet for training and races. I really like it.

If your triathlete does Half-Ironman or Ironman races, you can get them something super aerodynamic like the Kask Bambino Pro. I highly recommend the Kask brand because a lot of pros use them, I use them, and I think the average person who wears one likes them.

8. Quick Tie Laces

If your triathlete wants to look like a pro, and shave 20 to 30 seconds off of their time, quick tie laces are a must have!

Lock Laces
Provided by Amazon

This is one of the cheapest gifts you can get for a triathlete as well. But, you might ask why they need them. They don’t actually need them. But, it will save them a few more seconds off of their time.

Why? During our transition from the bike section to the run section, there is a mad scramble to try and put all of our stuff in the right box/bag. This can eat up a bit of time for our overall race time.

Quick tie laces can shave 10 to 20 seconds off of our race time.

I highly recommend Lock Laces for this gift. They are the premier lacing company out there.

This is one of the best gifts for triathletes!

9. Compression Socks

I love compression socks!

CEP Athletic Compression Apparel | Pressure Builds Strength

Discover how pressure builds strength with CEP Compression sportswear. Explore our athletic compression socks, leggings, and more.

They help triathletes keep the blood pumping back to heart more efficiently. When racing for anywhere from 4-15 hours, the veins can be put under a lot of pressure to keep the blood flowing upstream. As this happens the smaller veins take on way more of a volume of blood flow in a given period time than they are used to.

Compression sock continuously squeeze the lower legs and foot to keep the blood pushing through the larger veins in the calf muscle. This makes the blood return to the heart much faster and efficient. It also prevents swelling and water retention in the lower legs.

Compression socks help to speed up recovery after racing as well.

Compression socks are a part of my everyday wardrobe. I have been wearing them for 6 years and I absolutely love them!

There are couple of brands that I like using. My first recommendation is CEP. They are a leader in the compression industry. These socks are very well designed.

I also use a Taiwanese brand called AMY Zone compression socks. They use bamboo for the core of the fibers in the socks. This cools the sock while wearing it and it naturally keeps odors at bay.

Compression socks are perfect gifts for triathletes!

10. Sunglasses

If you want to your triathlete to look good, gift them some new sunglasses!

Oakley Custom EVZero™ – – – 0OO9308CP_OOCP_38 | Oakley US Store

Buy Oakley sunglasses for Custom EVZero™ with frame and lenses. Discover more on Oakley US Store Online.

The Oakley EVZero are elegant, durable, and fully protect a triathletes eyes during training and racing. The great thing about Oakley is that they offer the best protection. Some Ironman races are done with about 10-14 hours in the sun exposure. So high quality sunglasses are essential.

The good news is that there are so many companies to get great sunglasses. Just make sure that the glasses work well for multi-sport and endurance sport athletes.

Another brand that a fair number of pros and age-group athletes will wear is Roka. They make high-end sunglasses that are particularly designed with triathletes in mind. They also have some pretty nice casual sunglasses for the cheer section of triathletes as well.

Sweet sunglasses are a gift any triathlete will gladly put on!

Gifts for Triathletes 11-15

11. Tires

Almost everyone has experienced a flat tire in their life. It’s always the greatest gift to have a spare when you need one.

Turbo Cotton | Specialized.com

We’re not afraid to say that our GRIPTON® compound is the best out there. And when combined with an ultra-supple 320 TPI cotton casing, you get a tire that’s very special-you get the Turbo Cotton tire. Both materials stand for master craftsmanship, and they work in harmony to reflect our dedication to building the world’s fastest tires.

The Specialized Turbo Cotton are highly rated. If your triathlete has tube tires set up on their bike, you can gift them these safe and fast tires.

I personally use the the Continental Grand Prix 4000. They have worked well and I plan on buying more when it’s time.

Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tubular Road Bike Tyre | Chain Reaction Cycles

Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tubular Road Bike Tyre – Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World’s largest online bike store – Chain Reaction Cycles

12. Normatech Recovery

NormaTech is a high-end, you-must-love-them-a-ton kind of gifts for triathletes.

NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Leg Recovery System

Utilized by trainers across all major professional sports, the NormaTec Pulse 2.0 leg attachments offer a high-tech, low stress solution for quick, comprehensive leg recovery.

Just give your beloved triathlete a little squeeze to show that you love them. This recovery system uses some fancy tech that helps legs get better circulation.

I have tried one at my physical therapists training center. My legs definitely felt better after. I am not sure of the long-term benefits of this type of equipment, but lots of athletes swear by it.

13. Cycling Skin Suit

Gifting a cycling skin suit is like buying your friend a Rolls Royce.

Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Long Sleeve Speed Suit

Shop the Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Long Sleeve Speed Suit online at Sigma Sports. Receive FREE UK delivery and returns on all orders over £30!

It is so unnecessary that it is comical. But they will be so happy when they get to use it! They help them go so much faster.

Most of the wind resistance is caused by the body. This is the biggest upgrade for speed that a cyclist or triathlete can have. Every a $75,000 super aero bike can’t compete with the speed benefits of a skin suit.

It may seem funny, but gifting a skin suit is an awesome gift for triathletes.

14. Tri-suit

A new tri-suit is always a welcome addition for triathletes wardrobe. One of the top brands that comes out of Austin, Texas is Roka.

Men’s Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit – White/Black – ROKA Sports, Inc.

Find faster with the most aerodynamic, fastest men’s tri suit on the road. Built to keep you comfortable, aero, & cool in any race from an IRONMAN to a sprint.

And one for the ladies!

Women’s Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Suit – White/Black – ROKA Sports, Inc.

Find faster with the most aerodynamic, fastest women’s tri suit on the road. You’ll be comfortable, aero, & cool in any race from an IRONMAN to a sprint.

I really want one of there suits. They are so well designed and designed with triathletes in mind.

They have a vast array of tri-suits, tri tops, and tri bottoms that are suited for nearly every triathlete. I highly recommend almost anything this company makes.

Tri-suits are so important for triathletes because they prevent rubbing and rashes. They also help cool a triathlete’s body down as they are racing. The suits are designed to wick-away sweat and water from the triathlete’s body so there skin can dry faster.

This is definitely one of my favorite gifts for triathletes on this list.

15. Bike Shoes

Bike shoes are a given for every triathlete. Why not help them upgrade those old ones to a new pair like these?!

S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes | Specialized.com

When seconds count (which is really every triathlon if we’re being honest with ourselves), your shoes need to get you through the transition quickly. More so, they need to deliver maximum performance out on the road.

I have a very basic pair of Shimano cycling shoes, but when I upgrade, I want a pair like these.

Specialized Trivents are designed for exactly what the name implies, triathletes. These are very breathable shoes and they are made for those who go without socks. And they just look great!

Gifts for Triathletes 16-20

16. Race Gels

Almost every triathlete uses race gels or liquids during a race or long training.

GU Energy Gel

Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of any duration or activity. The 100-calorie packet contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress.

17. Born to Run

Not the Boss song….The book. ‘Born to Run’ inspires every endurance athlete who reads it. It changed my mind about how humanity is synonymous with running.

Born to Run

Born to Run book. Read 12,833 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. Full of incredible characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutti…

This is one of my favorite books. It is so much fun to read, because the author put himself into this memoir/ history of humans running. Mr. McDougall is a great writer, so even if you are not an athlete you will enjoy the story.

Learn about the Terra Humara and gift this book to a triathlete.

18. The Triathlon Bible

Nearly every blog or comment about the best book to read about triathlons references ‘The Triathlon Bible’.

I have not read this book. But, many triathletes have read it and said that it is really the triathlon Bible. It’s an easy gift for an aspiring triathlete.

The Triathlete’s Training Bible

The Triathlete’s Training Bible book. Read 84 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. This new edition of The Triathlete’s Training Bible…

19. Swim Goggles

Awesome swimming goggles while in the pool or in open water makes all the difference!

I wish I had these goggles. I have a great pair of Speedo goggles, but I these are designed with triathletes who spend alot of time in open water. Roka R1 are made for the best of triathletes. Incredible visibility, well sealed edging, and UV protection are just a few of their benefits.

R1 Goggle – ROKA Sports, Inc.

Sight faster with less effort. The R1 open water swimming goggles use a patented forward-facing lens angle to help you sight more efficiently.

These goggles are beautiful and are a welcome gift to all triathletes.

20. Reflective Gear for Bike and Run

There are so many little gifts for triathletes that are great for keep them visible to cars and trucks at night. I high light 3 that are unique and very useful.


Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread is the first reflective product designed to be applied directly on your skin. Safety Skin Simple Sunscreen is 7 simple ingredients plus the natural sun reflecting benefits of non-nano zinc oxide.

So practical! You just wipe it on like deodorant. They also have a nice sunscreen that can be used on your face. This is something not many triathletes know about. It is a simple and safety conscience gift any triathlete welcomes.

No Bounce Running Light Belt for Night Visibility

Slim fitting and bounce-free, this reflective light belt comes with a battery-free million mile light for safety. Light up the night on your next run!

FlipBelt is a mix between a fanny pack and safety belt for runners and cyclists. You can store all of your stuff in the little slits in the front and rear of the belt.

I like the added lights that help you be seen at night. That is on top of the reflective material that wraps around the entire belt.


The Tracer360 is a high visibility vest that takes you where a reflective vest can’t. With 360 degrees of full color spectrum illumination paired with 3M reflectivity, the Tracer360 perfect for runners and cyclists.

Noxgear’s Tracer 360 looks like something out of Tron! I love it. It flashes with many different colors so that you are seen from every angle. These is an amazing product and I really hope that they keep making cool gear like this.

On a more serious note….Drivers are even more distracted because of cell phones and the average persons attention span than they were 25 years ago. It is so important to keep our loved one’s safe while they are training. If there is a gift that shows you really care about a triathlete, these are some of the best gifts you could get.

Gifts for Triathletes 21-25

21. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app for all, but gifting a subscription for triathletes will help them perform optimally.

Get the Headspace App

Your personal guide to meditation and mindfulness that fits right in your pocket.

Headspace is hands down the best meditation app out there. I use it every week. I also have a meditation recording that is specifically designed for triathletes that you can check out. But, Headspace has quite a few recordings that can be used to help with focus, productivity, and athletic training.

You can gift this to your triathlete by providing a subscription for 1 month or 1 year. It’s a good gift everyone in my opinion. It has helped my life in ways that are not quantifiable.

22. Sony Waterproof Headphones

I have a pair of these Sony waterproof headphones. I absolutely love swimming with them during every training session.

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Learn more about the W Series Walkman, Sony’s waterproof sports headphones specifically designed for underwater use. Ideal when used as swimming headphones.

I use these headphones during every training session. One thing that you might not know is that doing laps in the pool for 30 minutes to 2 hours can be super boring!!! Having music playing while you are underwater helps the workout go by in a much more pleasurable way.

The only problem I have with these is that I keep wanting to sing while I’m swimming.

23. Massage Therapy

Gifting a sports massage to a triathlete is gonna get you lots of brownie points! Obviously!

Gifts for Triathletes - Massage Therapy
Massage – One the most appreciated gifts for triathletes

Massage is just the best. Most massage places have gift cards. Buy one and gift it to a triathlete.

24. Chiropractor

I go to my chiropractor at least once a month. Gifting a few sessions with a experienced chiropractor will help with recovering from all of the stress placed on a triathletes spine and surrounding tissue.

Gifts for Triathletes - Chiropractor
Chiropractic – Gift a Few Session for your Triathlete

A lot of pro Ironmen and women go to a chiropractor before a race. But, understandably, it can be scary at first. But, it helps with just about everything in the body.

I have been using a chiropractor since I was 12 years old. I love going.

25. Multivitamin

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. See your doctor before using any supplements.

I have been using a specific multivitamin that has helped increase my energy level and overall performance. If your triathlete is not eating a highly nutritious diet, help them do that first. Then, for the extra trace mineral and vitamin complexes, help them find a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral.

I recommend the following because they are what I use and they are reasonably priced and they work.

Alive! Once Daily Men’s Ultra / 60 Tabs – Nature’s Way®.

Ultra potency, complete & diverse nutrition for men in a convenient once daily tablet.

Here is the one for the women.

Alive! Once Daily Women’s Ultra / 60 Tabs – Nature’s Way®.

Ultra potency, nutrition for women in a convenient once daily tablet.

Gifts for Triathletes 26-31

26. Foam Roller

Rogue Fitness has all kinds of great foam rollers! Their website has all the foam and mobility rollers that you could possibly need.


Rumble rollers are used by most Rogue Athletes because they work– addressing even the hardest to reach knots and trigger points. Add one to your gym bag here.

Every triathlete can benefit by using foam rollers. Triathlete’s have all kinds of tight tissue and areas that get stiff. Stretching and active stretching are the foundation of mobility, but foam rollers help keep everything supple and limber.

I have written a couple of articles about how foam rollers can help triathletes get more mobile. You can read them here:

This is a necessary gift for triathletes!

27. Stretch Bands

Stretch bands are great prehab and rehab gift for triathletes. I use them after every workout. Stretching is so much easier with bands.

Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster bands 41″ long and are the go to bands for powerlifting and mobility, speed and agility training, and more. Check them out at Rogue Fitness.

Triathletes can use these to strengthen their feet, ankles, wrists, and shoulders.

Rogues stretch bands are reputable and used by athletes throughout the US.

28. Race Entry Fee

A full Ironman race entry fee can cost $700. Gifting a triathlete a race entry fee that is that high can be one of the most heart warming gifts you can give.

Gifts for Triathletes - Race Entry Fee

There are a lot of average triathletes who are on a limited income. They simply can’t afford the entry fee. After purchasing a $2000 bike and another $500-$2000 for equipment/training, a $700 entry fee is a big deal.

This is a great gift to give as a group a triathlete who can’t afford the entry fee.

29. Tri Belt

Orca makes a great, inexpensive tri-belt. A tri-belt is something that is so useful during a race. Yet, so many people don’t have one at the race.

Orca Race Belt

Shop the Orca Race Belt online at Sigma Sports. Receive FREE UK delivery and returns on all orders over £30!

Keeping your bib number on your shirt is not easy when you are wet and sweaty. The belt keeps the number where a triathlete wants it. And it makes sure that they don’t get disqualified for loosing there number during the race.

There are also tri-belts that hold water and nutrition. These are great for a long race.

This is a simple and necessary gift for triathletes!

30. Chafing Balm

There are things we don’t like to talk about. Chafing is one of them. And a lot of male triathletes are reluctant to get stuff that prevents chafing. So you can get it for them.

Anti Chafing Stick – Body Glide®

Intended as a barrier to the effects of rubbing, its formulation makes it easy to apply for all-day protection from skin on skin rubbing, chafing from clothing, or pinching and friction from shoes, protective gear, and other irritants. Directions for Use: Apply to intact skin before activity or anytime.

Body Glide takes care of chafing. Your triathlete will thank you!

31. Cycling Gloves

Comfortable gloves are always a welcome addition to a training ride!

Bravo Gel | Giro

The Bravo Gel is Giros most popular glove, and now there’s reason to love it even more. This versatile glove features optimized gel padding that delivers Giro’s exceptional Super Fit ergonomic design and high-quality construction at an affordable price. The updated design features reflective finger pulls, more technical construction for improved comfort and a larger Velcro closure for easier use.

Giro Bravo Gel are super comfortable gloves and they are very inexpensive. They have high reviews on a few review sites. I have never use them but they do look super comfortable.

I use Specialized bike gloves that work well too. Using bike gloves saves a triathlete’s hands more than they might realize. If they don’t have any gloves, this is a great gift for triathletes.

I really hope this list helps give a nice overview of the types of gifts you can get a triathlete. As an age-group triathlete, I wanted a list of all the gifts that the average triathlete might be able to use. I have no affiliation with the companies that I have listed. This really was written to help you get great gifts for triathletes.

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