Swimming Quotes to Motivate and Inspire

Swimming Quotes - To Motivate

Here are a few swimming quotes to help motivate and inspire you to continue pursuing your goals. I wrote motivation quotes to help motivate and inspire triathletes as well. But, now I want to focus in on the pure swimmers. As an amateur triathlete, I have many days that I need a little motivation to … Read more

Simple Guided Meditation for Triathletes

Meditation for Triathlete Swimming

Guided Meditation for Triathletes – At a Glance A Guided meditation for triathletes is something I have been wanting to provide for my fellow triathletes for a while now.  Mindfulness and flow states can be achieved in many different ways.  But, one of the simplest ways to do this, is to meditate. It’s been a … Read more

Guided Meditation for Triathletes – How it Benefits You

Guided Meditation for Triathletes - Woman Meditating

Meditation for Triathletes Guided meditation for triathletes….why?  I asked the same question when friends of mine would tell me that they meditate.  Now …… I get excited when I meet someone that says they meditate.  I have a feeling that most people who don’t meditate or practice mindfulness, don’t understand the purpose behind it.  I … Read more