11 Triathlon Quotes for Inspiration

11 Triathlon Quotes

Triathlon quotes are an inspiration for when you just don’t feel motivated to finish today’s workout. Or maybe you have had a long break from training due to injury or family obligations. Whatever your situation is, I have put these quotes together to give you a boost. I hope that they inspire you to just … Read more

Ironman Florida 70.3 – How to Prepare?

Ironman Florida 70.3 - Exiting the Swim Course

The Ironman Florida 70.3, like all half-Ironman races, is awesome! To answer the question of what it is like to compete in this race, I interviewed 3 participants who finished this Ironman Florida 70.3. I was both inspired and humbled by their stories. Their words speak for themselves. I think you will enjoy them as … Read more

5 Spectacular Triathlon Lengths

Triathlon Length - Infographic

Name Swim – Length Bike – Length Run – Length Full (226) 3.8 km 2.36 mi 180 km 111.8 mi 42.2 km 26.2 mi Half (113) /70.3 1.9 km 1.18 mi 90 km 55.92 mi 21.09 km 13.1 mi ITU Long Distance 3 km 1.86 mi 80 km 49.71 mi 20 km 12.43 mi Olympic 5150 1.5 km 0.93 mi 40 km 24.85 mi 10 … Read more

3 Advantages of the Lake Tanglewood Triathlon

Lake Tanglewood Triathlon -runner

The Lake Tanglewood Triathlon is a beautiful triathlon and takes place every year in McKinney Texas. I love triathlons like this because it is primarily a charity event. To date, the event has raised over $750,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network of Amarillo Texas. The primary goals of the event are to: provide grants for … Read more

Triathlete Motivation – Day 2

Triathlete Motivation - Day 2

“The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.” Marcus Aurelius As triathletes, we have quite a few training tasks to juggle within a given week or month.  From prepping our meals to prepping our equipment, we have things that are within our control to manage and care for.  The self-discipline … Read more