3 Simple Fartlek Training Definitions

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A fartlek training definition is simply “speed play”.  It is translated from a Swedish term coined in the 1930s by the Swedish National Team’s coach Gosta Holmer.  The team had been beaten by Finland quite handedly during the 1920s. Coach Holmer tested and implemented “speed play” to help his team get faster.   Fartlek Training … Read more

1 Fartlek Definition That Makes Sense

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A fartlek definition that actually makes sense is not easily simplified into a dictionary’s explanation.  It’s a not so common term from Sweden, that even many Swedes have never heard, that translates into English as “speed play”. Run faster during specified intervals.  Run slower between the faster intervals.  But, for most runners and athletes, they … Read more

3 Awesome Fartlek Training Benefits

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Fartlek training is awesome!  If your average run training sessions consist of intervals at a track or long runs on the road, a little variation to the routine can help greatly.  The weirdly phonetic phrase “fartlek training” can be used to add the tiniest bit of excitement to your workout. What is Fartlek Training? Fartlek … Read more

5 Great Fartlek Run Ideas

Fartlek Run

Audio Recording – “5 Great Fartlek Run Ideas” Timed Fartlek Run Heart Rate Fartlek Run Catch the Leader Fartlek Run Tree-to-Tree Fartlek Run Song-to-Song Fartlek Run What is a “fartlek”?  It is a Swedish term  that means speedplay. Amongst running circles, for the past 40 years or so, this term has been loosly used to mean … Read more