9 Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlon

1) ROKA R1 – The Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

Roka has created the most amazing swimming goggles for triathlon. And they’ve adapted all of their lenses to fit the perfect lighting conditions that you need. Their goggle tints range from dark Amber mirror to clear mirror.

Roka R1 - Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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The collection ranges from large Arctic mirror large lenses for more view-able area to smaller more focused low light Amber tinted goggles. The Roka R1 series of 13 goggle shades provides all that you need from indoor swimming to ocean fog swimming.

The design is simple and created to help with visibility and flowing faster through the water more quickly.

I personally do not own a pair of these but I want them to be my next pair.

And the price is great at around $30 to $40.

2) Blueseventy Hydra Vision Polarized.

Blueseventy Hydra Vision - Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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These goggles work in both indoor and outdoor/ open water settings.  They have 7 different tints that range from low-light to high-light conditions.  

They have a unibody design.  This makes them a little less flexible for those of us with faces that are not the typical shape.  But, they have been designed to fit the 90+% of swimmers out there.

They have excellent reviews amongst triathletes both on their website and other blogs.  Comments range from:

They successfully keep water out with better comfort than the traditional pool goggles I’ve been using”…to ….“They fit my face- never have leaking or vision or comfort issues during triathlons…sprint to 1/2 iron. Love these goggles!

They also have a nice priceline at $25-$35.  I personally love the simplicity of the design.  They are not the sexiest goggle out there, but they work very well, there are multiple tints to choose from, and that price is reasonable.

I highly recommend giving these goggles a try.  They are among the best swimming goggles for triathlon.

3) HUUB ALTAIR SWIM GOGGLE – BLACK – The Second Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

Huub Altair - Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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These goggles, by one of the premier endurance sport companies Huub, are a great buy for about $65. They have 3 different bridges, and 3 different lens types that come in the box. And lastly, they are just one of the best swimming goggles for triathlon races.

The yellow mirrored lens are for low-light swims.  The yellow tint can also help spot swim buoys. On a foggy or rainy open water swim, this tint will save you from having to think too much about whether you are in line with the buoy or not.

The silver mirrored lens are good for indoor swimming or early morning outdoor swims.  If it is going to be a sunny day and your start time is around dawn, these goggles would be ideal.  

The black mirrored lens are ideal for highly sunny days.  The darker shade keeps you from having to squint too much when the sun is especially strong.

Given that everyone has a different nose and eye width, these goggles provide 3 different nose bridge widths.  Huub really thought out the design of these goggles. So much so that I would say this bad boys are little on the sexy side.

This is definitely my #2 pick for best goggles for triathlon.

4) TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Polarized

 TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Goggles- Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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These goggles are cheap on price but not on quality. They are polarized, they have a wide-angle view, they have embedded anti fog technology, and the durafit silicone gaskets are hypoallergenic and provide superior comfort.

TYR goggles were designed for triathletes and open water swimmers. And a $29 you really can’t beat the price. They have a single nose bridge that is not adjustable, but the design will again fit 90+% of us out there.

These goggles come in five different colors. There’s white with blue tinted lenses, black with silver tinted lenses, an aqua green tinted lenses with black strap version, an amber tinted or gold tinted lens with black frames, and there is a clear silver tinted lens with clear frames.

Here are a few comments from swimmers who have used these swimming goggles for triathlon.


“Have been using these goggles for the past few years and just bought 2 new pair! Love the way they fit and they last a long time!”

“Fit beautifully and are very comfortable. Liked them so much my husband had to have a pair in black. Would highly recommend!”

These goggles are not fancy, they don’t look that pretty, but they’re reliable work horses. They have everything you need to swim in open water. You can choose to buy several pairs in order to fit your lighting needs for the day.

5) Aquasphere Polarized Kayenne.

Aquasphere Polarized Kayenne - Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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These are used by some of the most renown open water swimmers. It is also the company that brings the Michael Phelps goggles to market.

These are very simple in design, but they work well with open water swimming because of the polarized lenses. Alternatively, they also have a 180 degree viewing area because of the oversized lenses.

The feature that I like most about them, is there strap clasp. It’s very simple to adjust and it snaps in place so that there’s not as much fiddling with the strap. you can customize these to a certain extent with your intended use outdoors.

6) Zoggs – Predator Flex Titanium Reactor – Third Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

 - Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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If you’re a minimalist, these goggles are for you. They are perfect for open water swims. This is because they have a transitions lens type of technology.

As light conditions change from dark to light or light to dark the lens will react so that you don’t have to worry about the strain changing light conditions might have on your eyes.

The nose bridge is highly flexible. And the technology inside of the casing of the lenses allows for better anti-fog results.

I feel like these goggles are suited for those that are going to use them strictly for open water training and racing. But, if you’re particular about being able to see in a different range of lighting conditions oh, I would not recommend these.

If you want, for instance, a nice amber color or a better low-light open water goggle, this goggle is not for you.

That being said, I think this is a spectacular goggle to purchase because I like simplicity. With this goggle you don’t need to worry about anything except for low light outdoor swimming conditions.

I also like this brand because of the effort In design that they put into all of their gear. They really think of every possible situation that an open water swimmer or a triathlete would need.

These are definitely my #3 pick for swimming goggles for triathlon races.

Here is a quote from a happy user on Amazon.


“Bought these for my wife who is an open water sea swimmer. We were conscious of reviews saying that they could be temperamental, and so tied a trust older set of polarising Zoggs to the float as back up. Happy to report that after a 2.5 mile sea swim there was no fogging and no leaking.

7) Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Polarised Triathlon Goggles

Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Polarised -  Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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These goggles are specifically designed for triathlons.

Speedo is a well-recognized swimming accessories company. They do lots of testing. These goggles are tested extensively before they’re brought to market.

The Futura Biofuse are specifically designed for comfort and to reduce glare during open water swims. As swimming goggles for triathlon, I am not so crazy about them.

They’re inexpensive and they have a good seal without being too hard on your eye sockets. They retail for about $50.

They have been design for a wider view angle. And they are well liked by many triathletes.

I have not tried these, but if you like Speedo brand equipment, this is definitely a wonderful pair of swimming goggles for triathlons.

8) Speedo MDR 2.4

 Speedo MDR 2.4 -  Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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Though I feel that the triathlon specific goggles designed by Speedo are preferable over other models of Speedo goggles, there have been a lot of triathletes who like the feel and fit of the speedo MDR 2.4.

It really just comes down to preferences. Sometimes a pair of goggles just doesn’t fit right on your face. That’s why going and trying these goggles on in the store is probably one of the best options.

That being said, there are occasions where are you know that most goggles fit you well. And in that situation you really could just order them online and if they don’t work for you can send them back.

These Speedo goggles are not designed for triathletes but if they fit your face better, as a few other triathletes have mentioned, then it’s worth the purchase because they’re not expensive.

9) Arena – Cobra Ultra/Cobra Tri Mirror Goggles

Arena Cobra Ultra -  Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
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Finally, these goggles claim to fame is the ability to swipe your finger over the lens in order to remove fogging. After just one swipe, you can go a long time without the goggles fogging up.

Most of the reviews that are online say that they work well. Designers crafted them for both outdoor and indoor swimming. They have two different lens types that can be used.

Like most goggles they are unisex and can be fitted quite easily for the majority of us.

They do come in two different designs. One is called the Cobra Ultra. The other is called the Cobra Core.

The Cobra Ultra is designed for more aerodynamics in the water.

Arena Cobra Tri Mirror -  Swimming Goggles for Triathlon
Provided by Amazon

The Cobra Tri Mirror is designed for more space around the temples and for those with longer eyelashes.

These goggles are more design for training purposes but can also be used based on your preferences for a competition.

Swimming Goggles for Triathlon Conclusion / Recommendation

I suggest getting multiple pairs of goggles.

For one, mini triathletes have multiple pairs of goggles. Secondly, they are quite inexpensive compared to most other equipment that we have to purchase as triathletes. And lastly, it’s better to have multiple pairs that you can choose from given weather conditions at a triathlon or the type of swim that you’re going to do for training.

I personally love the Roka R1s, because they were specifically designed for triathletes and they have many different types of lenses for any weather conditions that you encounter.

The Huub Altair are definitely my number 2 pick. I love that all the lenses are ready for the majority of outdoor swim conditions. Having one pair of goggles with multiple lenses is the simplest way to go.

I hope this review is helpful. And I wish everybody the best in training and out there on the course. Keep going!

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