5 Wonderful Reasons to Race at the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon

The Saint Anthony’s Triathlon – “The people, the people here…Everytime I come I am just blown away at how awesome everyone is….. I want to keep coming back to this until I can’t even walk anymore

Eric Lagerstrom – 2018 Winner of the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon

The Experience at the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon 

 I’ve had the pleasure to ask a few questions to a repeat participant at the Saint Anthony’s triathlon.  Her name is Lori and I think you’re going to love what she had to say.

“What was your favorite section of the course? And why?”

“My favorite section is the swim because I’m a swimmer. And they joke because I like it rough. I don’t recall that it was too rough that day but I enjoy the swim best.”


“Was there anything funny or noteworthy that happened during the race?”

“I went to St Anthony’s with two very good friends and it was fun seeing them out on the course this is my third time doing this event I did it in 2003 2010 and 2018. In 2010 it was very crowded and my start was late so this year the start wasn’t that late and I was much happier.”

“Did you meet anyone that you are thankful you met there?

“I enjoyed the award ceremony and beer festivities hahaha. We were sitting at a table with a group of young Elite athletes that were taking the top slots so talking to them was fun and interesting”

“If you could give a friend advice about the race, what would it be?”

“My advice to everyone is (and I am a seasoned triathlete, I’ve done a hundred and fifteen so far.) My advice is always have fun…it’s not about the results, it’s about having good time. Even if you rent high at your small local races usually at st. Anthony’s you shouldn’t have to too high expectations there’s a big Elite crowd out there.”

Thank you so much Lori for sharing your advice and experience at the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon!

Saint Anthony’s Triathlon

The Saint Anthony’s Triathlon Olympic Distance:

1500 Meter Swim

40 Kilometer Bike

5 Kilometer Run

Reported to be one of the top destination triathlons in the US, the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon is simply put….awesome!  From up and coming country singers like Erin Cosgrove to pro triathletes like Eric Lagerstrom, people keep coming back to this race in Saint Petersburg Florida because it is so much fun.

This triathlon has been going on for over 35 years and it is always a crowd pleaser.  It is held in Saint Petersburg Florida.  Each year there are participants from nearly all 50 states.  International triathletes from varies countries also participate in the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon each year.

From the super young to those in there 90’s, triathletes keeps coming back because of the atmosphere and attitude of all the participate and volunteer at this tri.

Here are 5 great reasons to come and participate at the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon.

  1.  Wonderful Atmosphere
  2.  Fabulous Course
  3.  Beautiful Location
  4. Well Organized
  5. Great for All Ages

Wonderful Atmosphere

I have recently had the chance to travel to Okinawa Japan. The beaches were incredible, the accommodations were great, and everything was immaculately clean. But, the most memorable part of my trip there involved meeting some truly special people. The people at any event or location make the experience worth wanting to repeat. That is what keeps loads of triathletes coming back to the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon easy year.

The town of Saint Petersburg, Florida if filled with you unique and classy architecture. The locals are originally from all over the US, so there is a flavor of all parts of the US are in Saint Petersburg.

From the homestays to the vendors, volunteers and organizers, there is definitely a happy vibe! With thousands of people attending every year, it is safe to say that things can get a bit hectic. But, everyone seems to go with the flow at this race. There are tons of smiles. There are lots of laughs. Many folks are catching up with triathlon friends from the year before.

First-timers to Pros

There are a great many of first-time triathletes. There are also plenty of experienced triathletes and some pro athletes who have a go at this lovely race. Whether you want to make this race a challenge for yourself or your group of friends, or you just want to enjoy the accomplishement that accompanies finishing a tri, the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon is a great place to do it. Because, the people here are so supportive and have such an appreciation for the event.

I feel like some events attract a certain type of crowd even within our small tribe of triathlon brethren. The Saint Anthony’s Triathlon is definitely one that attracts a good bit of the fun loving happy types of triathletes.

If you find yourself in this category definitely try coming to this triathlon.

Fabulous Course

I love trying new courses! I like having the familiarity of my training routes. Once a week I go for a 2 hour bike session. This takes me through the heart of some heavily traffic areas considering that my city has almost 3 million people. So I like knowing the timing of the traffic lights, the potential for large trucks, or the speedy on/off-ramps that permeate my thoroughfare. I also love knowing how hilly my run course is, or how much shade is in a given section during a certain time of day.

But, when it comes to a triathlon course, I love the excitement of something new. I look forward to attending this race course within the next year or two. It is simply beautiful. And even though the pictures and course map show a good idea of what one is to experience while racing, it really doesn’t tell the whole story. People who have attended this race say that is a great course.

Not knowing a course is one of my favorite parts of visiting new triathlons. Even if the race directors decide to change a section of the course, its super fun to accept the potential challenge of getting ready for something that I am not fully prepared for. The Saint Anthony’s Triathlon will hopefully be another place that I can enjoy the novelty of new triathlon.

The Swim at Saint Anthony’s Triathlon

The entrance to the swim is soft on the feet. The majority of the swim course is quite well protected from large waves because of the area of the channel it is in. 

The Bike

The bike course is easily understood for most attendees. There is plenty of open road for maneuvering throughout the course. If you are slow or fast, this course is very comfortable and less likely to get into a collision.

The Run

The run is smooth and beautiful. It traverses through beautiful streets that are tree lined and filled with beautiful homes and a few commercial business. The streets are filled with volunteers and spectators cheering everyone on. And the finish, per usual, is one of the most exhilarating parts of the race.

Beautiful Location

The Saint Pete/Clearwater Saint Anthony’s Triathlon is perfectly situated in arguably one of the most beautiful parts of Florida. As I mentioned earlier, there is spectacular quaint architecture that makes this region of Florida very desirable. There is also a great bar and foody vibe in this area. Great sea food places and really fun and lively bars are strung out along the municipality. Though the median age of the city is not as young as a place like Venice Beach California, there is quite a bit of stuff to do for all ages in the little haven of Florida.

I really just love a triathlon that is well organized and has a great crowd.  The beauty of the location is definitely tertiary for me. But, being that I am human, I love beautiful places. So, swimming in beautiful subtropical water, and running and cycling through a balmy gorgeous place off the coast of Florida is definitely appealing to me and I imagine most other triathletes. If you want nice pictures and be able to take in the gorgeous surroundings while you race, Saint Anthony’s Triathlon is the place to be.

The Race Organizers are Awesome

Of the most important aspects of any triathlon event, the race organizers are by far the most important part of my racing experience. From organizing the volunteers to getting proper police service, the organizers are the key to a wonderful event. The race organizers at the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon are no exception. Organizing over 3000 people each year is no simple task. But they do it mostly with a smile. They help facilitate the amazing atmosphere that accompanies this spectacular event. 

A Triathlon for All Ages

From ages 6 to 90, triathletes from all over the world come here to pay homage to our amazing sport, triathlon. And lets face it, we all come back to this wonderful and sometimes painful sport because of the challenge and because we love it. The sense of accomplishment and the relationships that are built around being a triathlete are wonderful.

Seeing the participants as young as 6 to as experienced as 90 race and share their joy with all that have been able to see them race, is well worth its weight it gold. I love seeing grand parents and in some cases great-grand parents going out each year and challenging themselves to a tough event. It helps me to keep motivated and see that there are few excuses for not getting out there and racing. Bring your kids, your friends, your cousins, or someone you just met. There is plenty of joy to spread around this fabulous race in Clearwater Florida.

You can sign up here https://www.trisignup.com/Race/FL/SaintPetersburg/StAnthonys

If you are interested in another race in the southern part of the US, check out the Tugaloo Triathlon. You might like their friendly atmosphere as well!

And if you are interested in a simple guided meditation specifically tailored for triathletes, please check out my recording that I have made for you.

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