5 Awesome Things About the Fort Richie Triathlon

The Fort Richie Triathlon takes place in one of the prettiest areas in Maryland.  The Olypmpic and Sprint distance triathlons that are held annually at Fort Richie have built a nice following over the past few years.  The triathlon is within a 20 minute drive from Frederick and Hagerstown.  And only about an hour and a half from D.C. and Baltimore.  Here are 5 great reasons to compete at the Fort Richie Triathlon.

Olympic Distance

1.5K Swim Course

40K Bike Course

10K Run Course

Beautiful Swim Course

The swim at Lake Royer is awesome!  The Fort Richie Triathlon can attribute most of its appeal to this calm clean lake.  It’s super small.  So, there are very few waves to watch out for.  It is also well maintained.  Many might say its like swimming in a really big fresh water pool.  Therefore, there won’t be much wildlife to surprise you in and around the lake.

There is plenty of room to take a warm-up swim before the start of the sprint and Olympic distances.  The Fort Richie Triathlon is also very well organized.  Because of this well directed triathlon, participants have plenty of space to get pre-race gitters out.  And after the race begins, the waves from the wakes of triathletes arms and legs settle quickly.  This makes navigating the course quite simple.

The buoys are highly visible.  The guide floats are easily seen.  The volunteers who are in the kayaks are very helpful and they give assistance to any struggling swimmers.  Entry points and exists are also highly visible.  The half-way point for the Olympic distance runners is very safe.  There is ramp for existing the water.  There is a dock that is used for the turn around.  After running to the end of the dock you can simply jump in the water to finish the rest of the swim.  

Fellow Triathletes Love This Race

I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing an inspiring fellow triathlete named Nicole.  She shared a few of her experiences at the Fort Richie Triathlon.  Here is what she had to say:

Tres – What was your favorite section of the course? And why?

Nicole – “The long slow climb up after the turn around point. It was hard and hot out by that point but I made it. You know it’s going to be a hard course when the cross street is Hell’s delight!! I was so proud of myself for not giving up on those hills.”

Tres – “Was there anything funny or noteworthy that happened during the race?”

Nicole – “The seaweed!! Oh my gosh there was so much of it. I felt like I was climbing on top of it at times. It was stuck to my face, in my Tri kit and all over me. I felt like swamp thing exiting the water.”

Tres – “Did you meet anyone that you are thankful you met there?”

Nicole – “a few of my fellow team mates from Athletes serving Athletes were there that I knew and I was great full for their cheers and support along the way. Team Sandra rocked it. I am always so inspired by them. “

Tres – “If you could give a friend advice about the race, what would it be?”

Nicole – “Be prepared for the hills and that it is not a closed course. Of course the best advice is to just go out and have fun!! Enjoy the experience and thank the volunteers!”

Nicole also recommends that for anyone that is interested, check out the group Athletes Serving Athletes.

Nicole – “If you are interested in learning more about athletes serving athletes there is a web site and Facebook page. This is my third year with them and it’s the most amazing group of people you will ever meet. Athletes Serving Athletes

Very Well Organized

According to fellow triathletes whom have competed at the Fort Richie Triathlon, the volunteers here are awesome!  The race organizers have done a wonderful job each year.  They make sure that everyone is as safe as possible on an open course like this one.  They want everyone to have a wonderful experience, and they provide everything you might need at a local triathlon!

Registration and packet pick-up are well organized.  The volunteers and organizers are delightful and patient.  There are pre-race instructions that are well described and very helpful. 

During the race, the volunteers do a great job of getting water and liquids to the racers.  They are also super cheerful whilst triathletes are feeling some of the pain the hills can provide!

The swim warm-up is well marked.  The announcers help to clarify any rules or instructions.  They also help organize the participants as much as possible.  This provides safety and understanding for all race levels.

I am all about having great food at any event that I attend.  The Fort Richie Tri is a great place to have a decent pre and post race meal.  The vendors are top notch.  And there is usually plenty to eat at this event.  

Great Race for Beginners and Veterans

Because of the great volunteers and organizers, this race is great for beginners and seasoned veterans.  The Fort Richie Triathlon is a sanctioned USA Triathlon race.  The race organizers are qualified to hold this event at an international level of race quality because they are certified race directors.  

The seasoned triathlete or Pro Triathlete can be sure that their equipment and packets will be ready at transition areas.  This certainly is a relief for athletes who have been racing for many years.  Its also a security for pro athletes who want to improve their time. 

For the beginner triathlete, The Fort Richie Tri is a perfect opportunity to improve on specific areas of ones race.  If you would like to focus on your swim more or improve your race tactics for the bike section, you can definitely experiment at this race.  If you are one who is just out there to challenge yourself, then like almost any local Olympic or sprint triathlon you will love this race.

Awesome Atmosphere 

The Fort Richie Triathlon has a vibrant and fun atmosphere.  There is a ton of cheering on the course.  Cheering always helps!  Smiling is one of my favorite things to see while I am racing.  Other participants have said that the crowd at this race cheers more “than they have ever seen!”  

The competitors at this race are also very cordial.  A very sportsman like mentality is definitely present at the Fort Richie Triathlon.

As Nicole said, “ just go out and have fun!! Enjoy the experience and thank the volunteers!”

Get out an enjoy this great event!

If you want a little assistance preparing for the mental part of a triathlon, you can give a guided meditation specifically tailored for triathletes a try.

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