5 Awesome Things About Jordanelle Triathlon

The Jordanelle Triathlon has Perfect Weather 

The Jordanelle Triathlon:  1.5 Kilometer swim course

40 Kilometer bike course

10 Kilometer run course

Summer is arguably the best time to be in Utah and go to the Jordanelle Triathlon.  Dry temperate weather with the sun always shining, tends to make me super happy.

On my trips to Utah I have always enjoyed  tumbling down a mountainside on fluffy pillows of dry snow after an inevitable fall due to my year long hiatus from skiing. But, as many of the locals will say, summer is the prime season in this region of the country.

The Jordanelle reservoir is cold like any other in the early morning on a mountainous body of water. But the sun is warm and helps to dry and crispy the skin to prepare for a long swim in chilly waters.

The adrenaline rush from starting the race  always warms up a little bit. So it’s not something to be too concerned about at this particular venue.

After the start of the pile of people trying to get an edge on the lead, there is lots of open water to enjoy a not so aggressive position behind the leaders.

The Start

As the body warms up the water begins to feel amazing.

All the way through the swim your body is absorbing the water a little bit, but after you get out of the water and go through transition one everyone’s skin begins to dry nicely!

As the sun begins to kiss us so gently with its rays, we begin to dry off and feel the sweat whisk away from our body.

The most wonderful part about Jordanelle’s weather is saved for the bike and the run.

On the bike we completely dry off from our morning dip.  As long as there are water and salt tablets to be had, there should always be a nice refreshing breeze and a dry shirt on our bodies at this gorgeous venue.

After enjoying a very scenic meandering along the roadways of Jordanelle’s breathtaking park land, we come to transition two.

A quick switch to the running shoes and we are off to run over at the beautiful bridges that cross small water waves and the slightly hilly dirt paths that take us for 10 km. Most the time the weather is so great that we might not want to run anywhere else ever again 🙂

And finally, as we come into the finish line heart pounding and body exhausted, we are not thinking about the weather because it’s perfect!

Super Friendly Folks

Jordanelle Triathlon Swimming

In the time we arrive to the venue until we leave, everyone is all smiles and “Hi, nice to meet you! Great race! Keep it up! Go..go…go!”

At an event like a Jordanelle triathlon, there’s a feeling that it’s a place where everybody knows your name and where only a few won’t be introduced to everyone else.

There’s so much of the feeling of home in the high desert like most of Utah. But because is centered around an event we all love and prepare for, and the camaraderie amongst the participants is greater than is usually seen.

If you fly to Utah like I do, you know you’re getting close to Salt Lake airport if someone smiles at you genuinely and just wants to know your name or hopes you’re having a great day.

Are We in Canada?

It’s almost as if Canada came a little bit south.

There are so many sorrys for a slight bump in the water or an accidental cutting off of one’s path.

Being competitive during a race is just part of the game, but at this race we kind of don’t feel so bad if someone passes us and says, “Great job!”

Now for the most important part, before the race and after the race it’s like being at a family reunion that you want to be at.  The Jordanelle triathlon boasts pretty good food, really nice folks, and lots of animals make before and after the race such a delight.

My favorite part is seeing the kids cheer for their parents or grandparents.

Having grandma finish in the top group is always super exciting. Grandmas and grandpas giving me advice and asking me advice is probably my favorite part of being at a triathlon.

Seeing them get their trophies for their age group engulfed in the cheers of they’re six years old is worth every bit of the time spent in Jordanelle.

It has always been my understanding that the greatest joys in life come from great relationships.  I feel like Jordanelle Provides the perfect opportunity to form new relationships and build on existing ones.

The Right Size – The Jordanelle Triathlon is not Over Crowded Event

Jordanelle Triathlon Happy Cyclist

One of my favorite things about the Jordanelle triathlon is the crowd size.  It’s just small!

It is still a competitive field and you will not be disappointed by the times achieved here.  But, you can also feel comfortable pacing your own race.

I feel as though a race best performed is one that allows me to look at my data from my TomTom and also how I feel.

It shouldn’t necessarily be one by which I have to make a lot of accommodation for other athletes.  When the swim is not filled with punches and kicks, a bike section is free from potential collisions with other riders, and the run is easy to pick off people slowing the pace in the distance, a race can be best performed.

Jordanelle allows us to stretch our legs.  It makes it so that we can really enjoy the race we have been looking forward to all season or all year.

Testimonies of previous competitors show that they just love being around nature and see competitors without being inundated with presence.

Open space seems to be the name of the game here.

We all want to be sure that we get our personal best.  We all want to have fun.  And we don’t want to have to fight through a crowd through key points of the race.  We really enjoy being able to test our abilities without fear of imposing upon others.  And I think most of all we like to feel the freedom we got to enjoy more as kids; when we could frolic in nature.


A Clear Water Lake to Swim Through

Jordanelle Triathlon Clear Water

After many years of growing up in Texas and Virginia I have come to appreciate clear lakes like the ones here at the Jordanelle Triathlon.

It’s so nice to be able to swim and see what you are swimming through. Though it technically isn’t a lake, it certainly feels like one.

Being able to see the occasional fish lights me up.

I think the best feeling about all of it is the idea that I can see where I’m going and have a good idea of what’s below me.

It’s not gonna be your typical tropical scuba diving trip. But, at least you have more to look at than a muddy murky trough of water.

One triathlon I was in on subtropical island was supposed to have fish and coral below us. It was all kinds of blue murk. That was ok, but not as delightful as a clear lake like Jordanelle provides.

Another benefit of being in a lake, especially in a clear lake, is the ability to not have so many waves.

Depending on the day, ocean waves can be huge and not so much fun to wade through.   But, a lake has a lot of warm surface water if it’s super sunny out.  And, there is less likely to be a current in a body of water like Jordanelle.

So if you want to compete in a clear lake that is clean and easy to swim through, the Jordanelle Triathlon is the place to do it!

Simply Gorgeous from Start to Finish

Jordanelle Triathlon Happy Runner

I’m the type of triathlete who loves to compete in almost any weather and any location. Of course I don’t really enjoy rain and cold, but I think I would even take that over not competing.

The thing I love about the Jordanelle triathlon is that the weather is usually awesome. The other thing I love about this triathlon it are the people that attend. And the last thing that I love most about Jordanelle, is the sheer beauty every step of the way.

For an arid climate it’s quite green. The trail is rolling. The water is perfect. The mountains in the background are simply majestic.

And for a tough competition it’s always nice to have beautiful aesthetics to soothe your soul. I really hope that all of us get a chance to experience this wonderful triathlon.

Another recommendation before take on any race is to meditate.  Meditation helps your body and mind get into an optimal state for performance.  You can get a free sample a meditation for triathletes here Meditation for Triathletes.

If you’ve already been to this event, do you feel the same as I do?


Jordanelle Triathlon Infographic