7 Awesome CB&I Triathlon Experiences

The CB&I Triathlon is Super Fun

CB&I Triathlon – Sprint Distance

Swim Course: 500 meters
Bike Course: 12.8 mile
Run Course: 5 kilometers

The CB&I Triathlon is simply one of the funnest triathlons to attend. As a competitor or a spectator, there is bound to be a chance to come home and hope to do it all over again next year. It is a USAT sanctioned event, so pros and amateurs enjoy the same course. All abilities and age ranges participate.

It’s a fast challenging course, but the people who attend and the race coordinators make it so much fun. There is music to be listened to and food to be had in this picturesque setting in one of my favorite states, Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas. And that includes the size of the laughter and joy that people enjoy everyday.

Finish in 1.5 Hours or Less

It’s really nice to be a finish a triathlon in under 1.5 hours, because then you have the rest of the day to enjoy the festivities associated with this triathlon.

Before and after the event there is always lots of meeting and greeting. Large groups of friends will gather to try out their first triathlon. Because seasoned veterans attend this event, they will have all of their race tips ready to share. And lots of grandparents and parents cheering on their loved ones.

The music playing around event is modern and fun. Sometimes there’s the occasional country song, but it is definitely in Texas so you have to learn to love it.

As I usually described in writing, it’s all about the people at this triathlon. There are some amazing events throughout the world that are beautiful and amazing without anybody being there to say hi to you. This event is definitely one where everybody pretty much gets to know everybody.

The CB&I Triathlon is fun from start to finish. The food is great. The people are even greater. This is definitely a triathlon anybody in the area should try out.

Wonderfully Staffed

The volunteers at the CB&I are super helpful. They really care about each participant as if everyone is on a VIP list. Wayfinding is very easy for transition areas and that start of the swim. The course is well marked and easily discernible. And the volunteers cheer everyone on as they are handing out water or helping with you transition bag.

Throughout the course there are plenty of blue shirts if anything is needed. Triathletes in general are usually pretty nice. But, having this triathlon in Texas means that extra kindness is going to be spread on top.


At the swim, the water volunteers are keeping a close eye in case anyone is needs assistance. Life preservers are ready to be thrown at the first sign of a struggle. And the volunteers help you to stay on course as much as possible. The kayaks are highly visible and the buoys are super easy to navigate.

Coming out of the swim section into the first transition area is quite simple. There are lots folks coming out at the same time, but due to the excellent organization and staff, it is a smooth transition. The signs and flags are super easy to find. This makes finding a bike effortless. There is a also a very organized exit area for T1. As you can see in the attached video, people seemingly enter and exit T1 with easy.


After the transition area, there are all of the fans waiting to see their family member or friend and cheer them on to the bike course. The volunteers also cheer as the bikes whoosh by. Water is well spaced throughout the bike ride. And as you get either a cup or a bottle, volunteers with frequently give an encouraging word or two.

If a bike is disabled on the side of the path, the volunteers are there to help out. They are so quickly there to help if a rider takes a fall or is injured. And if they can’t help they will get in contact with someone who can.

As riders come in from the bike course to T2, they are welcomed with cheers and watchful eyes to see if they need any assistance off of the bike. The volunteers are on top of any fallen riders or injuries. As the riders dismount, they are welcomed with directions to there T2 bags. Staff are there to aid everyone quickly. Water and emergency personnel are available in the T2 area. After shoes are on and laced, runners start their short 5k to the finish.


The volunteers are ready to help all the way to the finish line. Preparation and communication are vital for any triathlon volunteering staff, and the CB&I have these in spades.

Great Food and Music


I feel like this blog will eventually just talk about all the great food at triathlons! I love food and the CB&I triathlon has locked down the kind of food that I love. From very healthy options like salads and fruits to BBQ brisket, it’s all delicious. They also have a good variety of music going on before and after the event. They have music that is generally delightful and is well chosen by the organizers.

Every triathlon that I have the privilege of attending usually has food. But, not every triathlon has great food. The CB&I Triathlon definitely thought about people like me when they organized this event. The food is fabulous.

It all starts with the smell, right? BBQ, fresh fruit, and sugar get my senses tingling! There are various booths with all the American style cuisine you would expect to find in Texas. There are just bigger portions. And they are finger licking good.

I am all about Texas BBQ. The CB&I is like a holy grail of BBQ for triathletes. We all have our race day food preparations. But after we are finished, we wanna throw down on something we have been craving for the past couple of months. Even if you are vegan, you might want super unhealthy chocolate brownie smothered with chocolate sauce on top.


The food is fabulous and the music accompanying this triathlon is quite good as well. I love hearing great music after I race and the CB&I Triathlon has great music! The organizers of theCB&I tri definitely love great music.

Happy Mix of Pro and Amatuer 

Every year there a few pro triathletes who venture to this CB&I triathlon. Since it is sanctioned by the USAT, pros can get a chance to earn points for the year. With only a few pros in the front of the race, there is plenty of room and excitement for the rest of us who are just age groupers. But, it’s always cool to see someone who is at the top the sport competing with us.

Another benefit to having pros at this race, is that it helps with the competition level of top age groupers. Being able to compare times with pros on the same course on the same day is really fun! Being able to see how they run or ride while riding is super helpful as well.

This triathlon is super chill though. Even with pros in the lineup, it feels like a well organized neighborhood crit with a lot of great food and music!

CB&I Triathlon’s Beautiful Course 

The CB&I Triathlon has a really beautiful course. I am a huge fan of the water course. The water is very clean, and the surroundings are super nice! Lots of trees and a few house surround the waterway.

The bike course is pretty flat and has a lot of nice views to take in as focus is placed on who is in front, who has been passed, and who will pass by. There can be a few distractions during a triathlon, so having a picturesque setting to enjoy while racing makes it so much more enjoyable.

The running course is well paved and mostly just participants and fans cheering us on. But it is still quite clean and there are lots of trees to see. If a beautiful triathlon course is your kind of thing, this triathlon will definitely be one that will bring you a little happiness.

Nice Short Distance

I personally love short distance triathlons. A sprint or an olympic triathlon is really all I need to feel good! But, I feel like a majority of triathletes try to get a firm hold on the longer ironman races.

The benefits of doing a short sprint triathlon like CB&I is the ability to prep for longer races by being in a race that easily fits into a daily training session for an ironman race. Just being able to race at anytime will help with prep for the next long distance race. Experimenting with equipment, nutrition, breathing techniques, or even meditation practices before and after the race make doing a sprint triathlon worth its weight in gold.

For beginners, this race is perfect because it is even shorter than a typical sprint triathlon. The swim is 250 meters shorter. For those who are not the best at swimming, this helps to make the challenge of triathlon less of mental obstacle. My first triathlon was way more than I could chew because I jumped right in on the olympic distance. So I always welcome a fast sprint when I can get one.


The shorter distance makes the event a little more enjoyable as well. Having less pain after a race is a great way to start celebrating. And a few beers will always feel better when there is less pain in the body.

It’s also fun to finish a race in about an hour and half. Leaving the rest of the day to chat and tell war stories.

Spectacularly Nice Folks

It’s all about the people! Better folks = better triathlons! Therefore,having friendly yet competitive participants is about as good as it gets! I often wonder how living around super considerate and kind people makes life so much more enjoyable. Being at a triathlon where people are cognizant of the needs of others is very reassuring.

I like not getting knocked over by another athlete on a bike is so much better than a rougher group of people. When people pologize to me for bumping into me is so much nicer than a reluctant glare by a non consoling athlete. I feel as though this Triathlon it’s much more like sweet tea. I love that southern sweet tea is known for having almost too much sugar. That’s how sweet people are in this particular Texas town and that’s how the participants are as well.

A Way to Get the Most Out of the CB&I Triathlon

Meditation and having mindfulness are a great way to prepare for a race. Many times we forget about the mental aspect of a race. But one of the most important parts of racing is being mentally prepared. You can use it in learning about guided meditation for triathletes you can follow the link to my free meditation recording specifically designed for triathletes.

If you are interested in going to another really fun triathlon in the southern part of the USA, the Tugaloo Triathlon in Georgia is a great one.

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