Can You Wear Sunglasses While Running?

Our running attire, from tight shirts to tight shorts and pants, protect our skins from the harsh environment. What most people do not know is the role sunglasses play in our daily sessions. The most common question from most athletes, even some professionals, is whether it is appropriate to wear sunglasses when running. 

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Sunglasses are ordinary amongst cyclists, and most people think it is due to the speed or the rules involved. But whatever reason they do it, cyclists are a bit cautious about their well-being, and sunglasses are part of making sure that they protect themselves in their career. 

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The same is not the case with runners. It is rare to see a runner in sunglasses and it is even a regular thing in the sport. Even in marathons and other competitive events, only a few athletes do wear these glasses. 

If there is anything that runners should copy from cyclists, they have their sunglasses every time they are on track. Runners need tower sunglasses regardless of the season, whether it is practice or competition, winter or summer. Sunglasses play a vital role in making sure that you stay on the course of your career or hobby for the longest time possible. 

Importance of Wearing Sunglasses When Running

While most athletes, even the seasoned ones, do not run with their sunglasses on, it remains a vital accessory for your fitness and well-being. Below are some of the reasons why you need to have your sunglasses when running. 

Protect You Against UV Radiation. 

Ultra Violet rays pose a significant danger to both human skins and eyes whether the day is cloudless or the sky is gloomy. With continued exposure due to constant training and competitions in the open fields, you could develop eye problems. UV exposure may lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia, photokeratitis, and cancers of the eye. 

Runners tend to do their sessions out in the open field, which means they always face the radiations’ wrath. For a reason, you need the best sunglasses for your running sessions. It would best not to undermine the effect on a cloudy day because, although not strong enough, the UV radiations are still severe in the long run. 

The rays can penetrate your eyes from any direction. So take your time and consult your doctor if possible for the best sunglasses for your particular face shape. 

There are several designs of running glasses that you will come across. While they may differ in color, shape, and material, they all can block the dangerous effects of the Ultra Violet light. The aftermath of these lights may be so expensive to treat and manage, so it would be best to prevent them early enough. 

Running Glasses Protect Your Eyes from Bugs

Bugs are a significant interruption for runners, especially during early morning and late evening sessions. You might be enjoying your runs and sprints, and then suddenly a bug slams into your eye. At that moment, you begin to blink faster and woe unto you if the bugs secret that stinging, irritating fluid. The fluid makes the experience so painful and may haunt you for several minutes or even make you quit the race. 

In most cases, the bugs temporarily blind you, and you may hit something or fall over. That may lead to severe injuries, and if you were competing, you certainly lose the advantage. Wearing sunglasses provide a barrier that they cannot pass but allow you the same clear, natural vision of your path. 

Defend You against Dust, Rain, and Snow

Like with bugs, your eyelids are incapable of protecting you when you are running. Closing your eyelid means that you cannot see the path beyond, and you cannot run. But when running in a snowy, dusty, or rainy environment, you will face constant interference.

When you have your glasses, heavy winds, dust, or rain will not bother you anymore. Glasses will protect your vision by keeping these articles outside so you will not have to blink or close your eye now and then. You will also not be rubbing your eye due to the irritations of foreign materials. 

You Introduce Style into Your Running Sessions

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Besides protecting you from adverse weather conditions, bugs, and UV radiation, running glasses will make you look stylish and introduce some finesse and elegance. There are several brands and glass manufacturers out there. They make these products with various designs, materials. You can always get something that fits your sense of style. 

Running Glasses Prevent Squinting and Give You Clear Vision

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Squinting could be your worst enemy whenever you are on a track. Objects like snow, ice, water, or cars could reflect the light rays right into your eyes and bring that unwanted glare. With sunglasses, this will never happen. 

Sunglasses feature lens material designed to minimize this glare’s effect and help you maintain a perfect vision. So you do not need to worry about that scorching reflection from passing cars whenever you are running beside a highway. 

With sunglasses, you will not need to worry about the direction of the sun anymore. Sunglasses will reflect away that bright light and clear your vision. You do not need to use a cap or your hands to block the rays anymore. 

Running Glasses Protect You from Injuries and Keep You Going For the Longest Time

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All the factors mentioned above, though some seem insignificant, could take tall in the long run. Wearing sunglasses every time you are on track help you keep every one of those potential dangers away. It means that your eyes stay healthy and comfortable for a very long time.

When you are comfortable and healthy, you always want to push a little further and ado a little more. That way, you get the right motivation not to hang your boots early in your career or hobby. 

Downsides of Wearing Running Sunglasses

While running sunglasses have several benefits that protect whenever you are out on the fields, they have a few downsides and explained below,

They Tend To a Little Bit Expensive

Running sunglasses are not your regular glasses; they are a bit expensive since only a few brands make them. You could land some cheap sunglasses in the streets, but most of them do not have the required protective features. For you to get the best quality that feels more study and comfortable, you will spend more. 

They Feel a Little Uncomfortable to Wear for Extended Periods

You cannot wear your running sunglasses for long. They are strictly for running, and the more you wear them, the more uncomfortable you will feel. They are just like running boots; sometimes, they squeeze your feet so much that you remove them immediately after you finish your race. 

Running sunglasses also come with a little eye fatigue, so we recommend not using them outside running sessions, even if you could. 

Sometimes Getting Your Ideal Size May Be a Challenge

Unlike buying a pair of spectacles, you do not go to the optician to measure a few areas before buying your running glasses. They are also not as familiar as fashion sunglasses, so it may take a little more time and effort to find an ideal pair of running sunglasses for you. 

What to Look For When Buying Running Sunglasses

As stated earlier, there are different types, brands of sunglasses in the market. What you choose for your runs will depend on various factors like your taste, sense of style, and budget. Even with this, you still need to go for the best that will not only protect your eyes but will last for a very long time. Below are some of the factors that will help you pick the best pair of sunglasses for your next running session. 

Sunglasses Prevent Frozen Eyelashes

Frozen eyelashes are very common when running in winter seasons or cold, freezy regions. They could impair your vision and make your running quite uncomfortable. The frozen water may also get into your eyes and make everything more complicated. 

To prevent this from happening, you should have your sunglasses whenever running in such an area. The best glasses for such purposes should hold your face well, covering the upper part so that the cold and water particles do not get in. It is also not a good show if the eyelashes freeze inside a glass, so we insist that you get the most protective glass available. 

Frame Material

Most sunglasses feature metal or plastic frames. Metal frames are lighter in weight, more durable, and are more stylish than plastic frames. The metal is also more flexible in that when it bends, you can always restore it by twisting it a little bit. However, we advise that you be careful not no overdo or make it a habit as it would weaken the metal and weaken the fit. 

Plastic frames, on the other hand, are less durable and sometimes look cheap. However, their design is perfect in absorbing impact, making them more suitable for rough sessions. 

UVA and UVB Rays Protection

The most important reason you need sunglasses when running is to protect your eyes and the surrounding skin from UV radiation. An ideal pair of running sunglasses can block up to 98% UV and UVB radiations. So when you go buying your next pair of sunglasses, please check on this factor. You can even ask your doctor about the best protective sunglasses around. 

The protection should also make up part of the design. For example, a perfect pair of sunglasses for running should have a wrap-around design. That way, it will protect you from the front and ensure that nothing gets in from the sides. 

Coating and Tints in the Lens

Running sunglasses come with lenses of different nature. The lens you pick will depend on the weather condition and the orientation of the day. For example, some lenses are suitable for foggy conditions; some are suitable for dark needs, while some are perfect for bright sunny days. Below is a list of some of the typical tints and what they can do;

Polarized Tints

These tints aim to reduce your glare by a significant margin and improve the clarity of your vision. While running, you get exposed to the intense glare from the reflected lights off cars, water, or asphalt. Such reflections could temporarily impair your vision and slow your speed. 

If You Plan To Have Sessions On Busy Roads Or Near Large Water Bodies Like Lakes Or Oceans, You Need To Have Polarized Lenses. They Minimize The Squint-Inducing Glares That Make You Focus On The Path Ahead. 

Mirror Coating Lenses

Mirror lenses are a must if you are planning to go out on a sunny day. They have an outside coating that provides that reflective property of a mirror, making them perfect in reflecting and reducing the glare. They are also excellent for wet or snowy conditions when light rays reflect off the snow surface, creating that fierce glare. 

Yellow Tint Lenses

Yellow tinted glasses are ideal when you want sharper vision. They eliminate the darker blue light from your path and leave you with a clear view of where you are going. Yellow tints are ideal for dust, outcast days, and other low light running conditions. 

Dark tints

Dark tints mostly come in yellow or grey colors. They apply the same mechanism as the golden or yellow tints; they filter out the unwanted light and leave you with a clearer vision. 

Dark tints are ideal to use in bright, sunny conditions. Therefore, if you plan to run in an area with excellent or moderate weather, then these are your perfect eye accessories. 


Sunglasses might not be that expensive; they are neither that cheap. So you do not want to be spending some dollars now and then on an accessory that you can keep for the next running session. It would help if you had the most durable sunglasses to serve you for the longest time possible.

Another factor you need to look at is how to scratch resistance your new accessory is, especially on the lenses. You will face some rough conditions like constant hitting from bugs, dust, and other particles. A lens that cannot withstand such forces will lose its clarity from the accumulating scratches, which means you will need to replace it sooner or later.


Comfort is necessary when running, and that is why you go for the best attire, including comfortable shoes. The same applies to your pair of sunglasses. Most modern running glasses come with adjustable pads that you can always adjust and customize to meet your comfort level. If you cannot find your ideal sunglasses size, this will be the best option.

For utmost comfort, the weight of the material also matters a lot. You do not want those heavy sunglasses that will feel a burden after a few kilometers of run. Look at the item description and see what weights are available before you pick one. You could also go for the metallic frames because they are a bit lighter and more flexible.

The lens material could also go a long way in determining the weight of your running sunglasses. Polycarbonate lenses are the best types when it comes to these types of sunglasses. They are way lighter and more impact resistant than other lens materials. If you go for prescription materials, it would be best to pick the high index lens materials to minimize the thickness and weight.


Running involves sweating a lot, which means that your body becomes slippery as your progress on the course. Most running sunglasses come with grip materials intended to keep them in place after lubricating your skin with sweat.

The critical point that you want your glasses to hold onto is the nose and your temple tips, which make up the three main contact points for sunglasses. Most brands include rubberized grips and other materials that get tackier and hold the sides of your head better when you begin to sweat. That way, you will not have to worry about the glasses falling off or drifting to block your vision.

Bottom Line

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The question of whether you need sunglasses when running is a common one amongst athletes of all levels. As stated in the above article, these items are as vital as the other running gears, and you should use them in all weather conditions, whether it is sunny or foggy. They may have a few downsides, but their advantages hold more water, so we recommend using them in your next practice.