7 Best Wrist Wallets for Runners

What are the best wrist wallets for runners?

I have picked 7 wallets that I think you will like.

I run 3 times a week and I ride my bike 3 times a week. That has been my schedule for more than a year. During all of that time, I never thought of wearing a wrist wallet.

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But, after seeing reviews and thinking about the benefits of them, I am definitely going to get one soon. I normally keep my important stuff in an ugly fanny pack that I got from Decathlon. My cycling jersey has pockets for keys, phone, money and cards. But if I wear it when I run, everything will jingle around.

Enter the running wrist wallet. These wrist wallets are designed for any activity where you are moving. But, they are great for running.

What are the benefits of having a wrist wallet when you go for a run?

Wrist wallets are extremely convenient. Anything that’s placed upon your wrist makes it easier to access your stuff. Things don’t move around. You have the reassurance of knowing that you will have all of your important stuff with you when you arrive home.

I love the idea of using a wrists wallet because there is virtually no way to lose your most valuables. Just make sure the zipper is closed and you are done.

If they get grimy or discolored, you can easily get another one. I recommend buying multiple. That way you can change the color for the day.

They are very inexpensive. The running wrist wallet is a no fuss, simple solution to help you forget about all the stuff you need to carry with you on the run.

What are the disadvantages of having a running wrist wallet?

Some of the biggest benefits of having a wrist wallet may also be a disadvantage for you. I am not a huge fan of having things on my wrist while I am running. I have gotten used to running with a watch, but I do feel much freer when I am without it.

It really is a personal preference. There are no real disadvantages to have a running wrist wallet unless you have an injury on your wrist that can’t be covered by the wallet.

If you are trying out a wrist wallet for the first time, I would recommend wearing it for a month or so before you decide you want to recycle it. And if you don’t like it for running you might like it when you are doing a lighter activity. They are perfect for traveling, going to the gym, or going to a bar/concert.

Which wrist wallet is best without a phone?

Wrist wallets that are designed for runners can be separated into two different types. The first type is very simple and much smaller than the

Running Wrist Wallets without Phone Storage

The first kind of wrist wallet that you can find are those that will carry small items like keys, money and cards. 

I prefer this kind of wrist wallet because there’s less surface area that is placed on my skin. I like having smaller objects on my wrists. If it’s too large then it can become cumbersome and mess up the swing of my arms.

I also prefer carrying things that help me to sweat less. With a smaller wrist wallet there’s less contact with the skin on my arm. This makes it so that I can have more skin exposed to the air and as a result I can cool down.

I’m also the type that would rather hold my phone while I’m running or have it on a strap that is attached to my upper arm.  And sometimes I will simply put it in my ugly fanny pack.  The fanny pack keeps it from sloshing around while I run.

If you have a similar feeling or prefer not having your phone on your wrist, then a smaller us while it is probably your best option.  

Here are my top picks for running wrist wallets without phone compartments. 

Cotton Sweatband Style

Wrist Wallet - No Phone Compartment
Provided by Amazon

This sports wrist wallet is perfect for any activity other than those involving water, like swimming or kayaking.

Some key features about this wallet are that it is:

  • 90% cotton
  • Small
  • Simple colors
  • Can serve as a sweatband 
  • Very easy to clean
  • Very inexpensive

For most people cotton is hypoallergenic. So that is a huge benefit if you have any allergies. Cotton is also well known for allowing your skin to breathe easily. Synthetic materials are more likely to hold heat when placed upon your skin.

If we have a material that allows more airflow and breathability, then we have a product that won’t make us sweat as much during those hot summer days.  Which in my opinion, makes it so that you really don’t need to look further down the list, you can just get this one.

But, if you would like a wrist wallet that doesn’t have as much of a sweatband feel, you might like the next option.

Polished Sweatband Style

Wrist Wallet - No Phone Compartment 2
Provided by Amazon

This one has the same features as the previous item, but it has a different texture on the material. It also doesn’t have the same sweatband look and feel as the previous product.

As a slight variant to the look and texture, you can also be confident that you can clean and use this wrist wallet in a very similar fashion.

The Locker Store Wrist Wallet

Locker Store Running Wrist Wallet
Provided by Amazon

The reason why I have picked out this running wrist wallet and placed it third on the list has nothing to do with how much I like this wrist wallet.

Hands down this is my favorite one on the list. It is durable, made of dry-wicking material, and has some nice subtle adult colors.

I also really like this product because the company is entirely women owned. And let’s be honest, most of the market for fitness wrist wallets are for women.

I love the design and the materials used in this wallet. Cotton can be just as dry-wicking as synthetic dry-wicking materials, but this one is much thinner and sleeker than its cotton alternatives. The spandex also makes it very expandable.

If you have a very small phone could fit it inside. But, I would recommend not putting a phone in the model.

The Friendly Swede – Wrist and Ankle Wallet

The Friendly Swede Running Wrist Wallet
Provided by Amazon

This is a great small wrist wallet that you can put on your wrist or your ankle. In fact, all of these wallets can be put on your ankle. I just don’t prefer it. The chances of it getting dirty faster are much greater, and it isn’t as easy to access things you might need on your run.

But, I like the logo design and the cotton texture that the wallet is made of. There is only one color to choose from, which makes for an easy decision.

This is an ideal wallet for simplicity.

Which wrist wallets are best with a phone?

Sprigs Banjee Running Wrist Wallet

Sprigs Banjee Running Wrist Wallet
Provided by Amazon

Given that running without a cellphone might leave you feeling naked, this wrist wallet also provides a large pocket for your digital baby.

The simple design keeps your cellphone secure and easily accessible.

One of the best things about this brand of wrist wallets is that there are so many different colors and designs to choose from.

It’s washable, colorful, and easy to put on and take off. I highly recommend this wrist wallet for those of you who want something simple and useful.

Body Glove Wrist Wallet

Body Glove Running Wrist Wallet
Provided by Amazon

Body Glove has been around for decades. They are well know for water sports apparel. Now they are more of lifestyle fitness brand.

This wrist band is cool because it is designed to be reversible. One of the best aspects of this wrist band is the designs. Really cool beachy style patterns are embedded onto the material.

I have put this under the phone wearable wrist wallets, because it is large enough to a smaller phone into. A 6 inch + phone would not be ideal, but anything smaller should fit snuggly.

2U2O – Running Wrist Wallet

2U2O - Running Phone Wrist Wallet
Provided by Amazon

This the perfect wrist wallet is you have a phone. The design is really nice. It has a reflective strip for night running. It has only one color, black, which can be nice because you know you can easily clean it and it won’t show dirt quickly.

There is a nice video you can watch on it through the Amazon link above. You can see a women putting everything she needs inside of it.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of different ways to carry your essentials when on a run. The running wrist wallet is a great option. They are stylish and keep things from giggling around while you run.

I have found that mostly women will purchase these products, but they are great for us guys too. They keep everything safe, which is such a relief when you just want to focus on your run.