5 Best Cold Weather Running Tights for Men

Are you looking for the best cold weather running tights for men? Here are my top 5 picks just for the fellas.

  1. Adidas Men’s Running Tights
  2. ASICS Men’s Run Essentials Tights
  3. Nike Pro Running Tights
  4. Under Armour Running Tights
  5. New Balance Running Tights

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1. Adidas Run Long Running Tights

Adidas - Best Men’s Running Tights
Provided by Amazon

These are an excellent pair of running tights for men. They are my first choice because they are:

  • relatively inexpensive
  • durable
  • keep you warm in cold weather
  • have a zippered side rear pocket
  • have zippers at the bottom of the legs

Adidas Run Long running tights will keep you warm in the winter and still be breathable enough to provide warmth in cooler weather months, like spring and fall.

One of my favorite features about these running tights is that they have a little storage pocket. The side/rear pocket is a good spot for your keys, small Ipod, or nutrition gels/bars. If you have a large phone it might not fit.

I do wish the pocket was a little bit bigger so that I could put my phone inside. But, there are a lot of workarounds for places to put your phone, so it’s not a big deal.

Adidas has an AeroReady technology in the tights that allows sweat to wicked away from the skin quickly. And it also allows your skin to breathe enough to stay warm yet not overheat in cold weather.

They are made with a highly reflective Polyester that helps you be reflect car or street lights at night. Some guys don’t like being too shiny while they’re running, but I like he safety factor being seen.

Overall, these are an excellent choice for running tights. They provide you with all the needs and couple more wants that make these really affordable pair of tights worth a try.

2. ASICS Running Tights

ASICS Run Essentials - Best Men’s Running Tights
Provided by Amazon

I use an earlier version of these ASICS running tights. I love them, and they have lasted for many years.

  • Simple design
  • Fits nearly any lower body build
  • Cover the ankles
  • Small Rear Zipper Pocket
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • Keeps you warm in the cold

These running tights have a simple design that fits nearly every lower body type. If you have big thighs, a big butt, or huge calves, these will probably fit you.

They’re made of roughly 90% polyester and 10% elastic. These are your standard go to running tights that won’t give you any trouble. They are well designed and they help keep you warm.

If this is your first time buying running tights I would recommend these. They will do everything you would expect while running in cold weather. Chafing won’t be a problem. Your legs will stay warm. They will fit. Your body will be able to give off excess heat. They are easy to wash and are durable.

They are very inexpensive and if you don’t like them you can try another pair on this list.

The next pair of running tights that I recommend is a very popular go to for winter time running.

3. Nike Pro Running Tights

Nike Pro - Best Men’s Running Tights
Provided by Amazon

I am biased towards these running tights. That is why I have placed them third on the list. I don’t want just my personal opinion to sway you.

They are perfect for cold weather. The breathability on these is amazing. Nike really did a good job at making these so that you can use them on slightly warm days. They are very well designed for all weather except summer heat.

  • Sweat wicking
  • Very breathable
  • Great for Warm, Cool, and Cold weather
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • 83% polyester and spandex
  • Good design

I think these are some of the best looking running tights out there. These are some of the best looking running tights out there. As a male runner, I don’t feel like I need to look amazing while I’m running, but it is nice to feel like I look good.

I really like how manly the bottom part of the legs look. The pattern at the bottom provides for a nice separation from the solid color of the upper leg.

Nike has provided many different styles for the Nike pro running tights. This is just one variation, of from what I can count about 10, that you can choose from. If you would like a wider selection I would check out Nike‘s website in your country for more styles and designs.

These are not considered to be Dri Fit material. Yet, they work very similarly to mix with away and keep your skin drier.

The next set of tights that I recommend are from Under Armour and they are very well designed and provide a good level of comfort on cold days.

4. Under Armour Tights

Under Armour
Provided by Amazon

These are wonderful running tights for men.

I’m a very big fan of Under Armour. Attention to quality is aparent in every article of clothing I have that was made by them. From everything that I can see with these running tights, they meet the high standard of quality that Under Armour represents.

  • Excellent quality
  • High durability
  • Simple good design
  • Full-length tights
  • Breathable
  • Sweat wicking

I think this is a good option if you have been looking for a good quality, simple pair of running tights that you can wear under shorts. In the winter time, I like to wear my running tights underneath my running shorts. It helps to hide the front bump and it helps to hide your butt.

Sometimes, I like to run with as few articles of clothing as possible. This makes a very nice running tight because it can also be worn without shorts over top. It just makes everything simpler to manage for your run.

I would recommend getting these tights in black so that no stains will show.

My final recommendation for men’s running tights are from New Balance. I think these are a good running tight for those who run at night or just want a very high-quality pair of running tights.

5. New Balance Tights

New Balance
Provided by Amazon

New Balances men’s running tights are very high quality. They serve as excellent protection from the cold, and they hold up in almost all weather except for hot weather.

  • Reflective components
  • Excellent stitching
  • Full-length tights
  • Good for very cold weather
  • Good in cool weather
  • Nice design

New Balance has done an excellent job designing these running tights. I think they are good high-end running tight that will work well with any type of runner.

They would we be great for a cool/cold weather short course or long course races.

The reflective material makes it a very good product for running at night. Light from cars on the street or street lights are reflected well.

The stitching on these men’s running tights are very well tailored. Like the other running tights on the list, you can really see how well these will work for cold weather. But, these are a little too thick to wear in weather that is considered to be warm. I would only recommend wearing these in cold or cool weather to avoid overheating.

What are the Best Uses of Running Tights

I realized that most people who would come to this post would be looking for something to keep them warm and comfortable during winter or on a cold mountain while running. But, for others it would be for style and since of belonging for all the other people who are wearing running tights on you run or workout.

I think you can wear whatever you like whenever you like to. There are no rules.

But, one thing I want to warn against is wearing clothes designed for the cold in the heat. Heat stroke or over heating during a training run or race is a real thing that can be detrimental to your health.

Be sure to use caution when wearing any of the above men’s running tights in hot environments. Just use them when it is really cold outside.

I only wear mine when it is near freezing temperatures outside. This because, my body will heat up a lot after a few minutes of running. So, my legs are pretty toasty by the time I am ready to get into the heart of my workout or race.

My Experience

Last year, I used a pair of full length compression running tights designed for men during a triathlon in early November. These particular running tights were especially designed for colder weather triathlons.

I was well hydrated, eat well, got enough rest, and all the other stuff that you’re supposed to do before a race. But, I didn’t expect my body to get as hot as it did on that very sunny day.

I swam, biked, and ran in them for over three hours. The temperature outside didn’t feel too hot. I thought I was fine. By the end of the race, I realize that I had heatstroke. And it was all because I was wearing a pair of running tights that were designed for winter/cold weather.

This is both anecdotal and an extreme example, but it’s worth taking note that temperature is an important factor when doing any exercise in running tights.

In Conclusion

I highly recommend any and all of the running tights for men discussed in this article. The most important thing to do is try them out for yourself. If you don’t like one pair, try another pair. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you have an awesome day!