3 Best Men’s Running Shorts to Prevent Chafing

Best Running Shorts to Prevent Chafing

Have you ever bought a pair of running shorts that had a seam that kept rubbing against your inner thigh and caused chafing?  Has the internal lining of the running shorts caused a chafing mark in a place you did not think was possible to have chafing? After sweating profusely during the first part of … Read more

How to do Scapular Push Ups

How to do Scapular Push Ups

Scapular push ups are an excellent way to build your shoulder, upper back, and your chest muscles.   I do traditional push-ups to strengthen all of these muscle groups.  I have been doing push-ups since I can remember, but I recently heard about scapular push-ups and the great benefits that come along with them.  Scapular push-ups … Read more

How to do Scapular Pull Ups

Scapular Pull Ups - How to do them

Scapular pull ups are an excellent addition to an upper-body strength training routine. If you buy something using links in my stories, I may earn a commission. This helps support this website. Learn More. As a triathlete, I’m always looking for a way to do cross training and body weight strength training.  Scapular pull ups … Read more