5 Awesome Things About Jordanelle Triathlon

The Jordanelle Triathlon has Perfect Weather  The Jordanelle Triathlon:  1.5 Kilometer swim course 40 Kilometer bike course 10 Kilometer run course Summer is arguably the best time to be in Utah and go to the Jordanelle Triathlon.  Dry temperate weather with the sun always shining, tends to make me super happy. On my trips to Utah I … Read more

Simple Guided Meditation for Triathletes

Meditation for Triathlete Swimming

Guided Meditation for Triathletes – At a Glance A Guided meditation for triathletes is something I have been wanting to provide for my fellow triathletes for a while now.  Mindfulness and flow states can be achieved in many different ways.  But, one of the simplest ways to do this, is to meditate. It’s been a … Read more

Guided Meditation for Triathletes – How it Benefits You

Guided Meditation for Triathletes - Woman Meditating

Meditation for Triathletes Guided meditation for triathletes….why?  I asked the same question when friends of mine would tell me that they meditate.  Now …… I get excited when I meet someone that says they meditate.  I have a feeling that most people who don’t meditate or practice mindfulness, don’t understand the purpose behind it.  I … Read more