Nike Air Max 720 vs Nike Air Max 270


Nike Air Max 720 – A Shoe designed for the Moon

Nike Air Max 720 - Deep Royal Blue/ Hyper Jade
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I think Airmax 720s have been some of the best shoes to kick it in for the past couple of years. Comfortable, durable, and stylish are just a few adjectives you can connect to their unique design.

The 720s have many designs for running, basketball, cross training, and lounging. This article mainly focuses in on the running version.

Nike Air Max 270 – They are Just Cool

Nike Air Max 270 - Black - Black-Volt
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The Airmax 270s are a versatile shoe that the you are gonna love for all the right reasons. They can be worn with almost any outfit. If you want to workout, the are a great cross training shoe.

For the occasional runner, the provide a comfortable and stylish alternative the pretty obscure looking running shoe designs available. I really like the 270s as an all around shoe for any use.

Which pair are cooler?

Opinion: It depends

I think that both the Air Max 270 and Air Max 720 are really cool. 

If it comes down to just deciding on what pair makes you feel more confident. And that depends on where you’re going and what you’re going to wear with them.

If you’re wearing jeans and you just want to go out for a night with friends I would rock the 270s. On the other hand, if I wanted to look sporty and have everybody noticed me I would wear the 720s.

Which are more comfortable?

Nike Airmax 720 Sole
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Opinion: Nike 720s

This is of course dependent on your feet and how you walk. For me, the 270s are more comfortable. I have a more narrow midfoot and heel. But, I have a wider forefoot.

The 720s are also very comfortable but for my foot I think the 270s are much more comfortable over a long day of walking around.

The 720s are all about the comfort for you. So, with that in mind, I think the best bet for getting all the cushiony pillow feel throughout your entire foot, get the 720s!

Which will turn more heads and maybe even get you a nod?

AirMax 720 side view
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Opinion: Nike 720s

Hands down the 720s will help you stand out more. That massive bubble makes all the difference.

The 270s are also very fun if you get the right color combination. But, as far as attention getters, the 720s are on par with any other Nike to turn heads.

Whenever I see somebody wearing 720s I’m noticing them. The 270s are very distinguished from behind or the side.

Which will have your friends complimenting you?

Opinion: Nike 270s

When it comes to my friends, they don’t really notice it very much unless it’s a very limited shoe that nobody can get. They may also notice if they’re just ridiculously ugly. 

If you’re in high school or college and you want to get a little praise for your shoe selection, I would say you’re going to get more attention and comments on the 720s.

They’re just bigger, brighter and have more standout power.

A rare pair of 720s will definitely stand out more than a rare pair of 270s. 

If your friends are true shoe enthusiasts and love Nike, you might get more comments and signs of approval from a really nice pair of 270s.

Which are best for running?

Me Running
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Opinion: Nike 270s

As a triathlete, I had to give you my honest opinion about the shoes as they relate to running. Sorry to say, neither of these shoes are good for running. This is not to say that you can’t run in them. You most certainly can. But, there are a various number of other shoe that I would recommend over these. Check out my list in:

You can run in either shoe. You may even like running with them. But, these shoes were not designed for running.

They are both designed for functioning as a general fitness shoe/ kickin it shoe. They are built for going to the gym, walking, and styling.

That being said, picking one shoe over the other for running is always difficult.  If you’re set on getting one of these for jogging or distance running, I would recommend the 270s.  I tried them on, and they are comfortable. They have a wonderful amount of cushioning on the heel and forefoot.

The Nike 270’s forefoot it is spongy and feels more responsive than the heel. The heel with the air bubble that is trying to compensate for some other insecurity in it’s life, is not very responsive. It feels a bit like stepping on gelatin.

I recommend the 270s for running because the forefoot is much more responsive than the forefoot of the 720s.  The 720s extend the over compensating air bubble to the midsole and forefoot area. The whole mechanics of the shoe are obviously designed for comfort and cushioning.

The 270s will allow more energy transfer from the push off on your forefoot to the upward motion of your leg. The 720s have more cushioning which will absorb more energy and not propel you forward as quickly.

Which are best for walking?

Verdict: Nike 270s

Using one of these shoes as a daily walking or working shoe is ideal. They are both very very comfortable.

If you are an avid walker. Say you walk a few miles a day or more, I would recommend the 270s.

If you walk occasionally, and just want to look good, I would personally get the 720s. The look of the 720s is so different and they are a little more balanced on the design than the 270s.

I find only a little joy in walking. If I’m walking with friends or hiking, I am happy. But walking for the joy of walking is not in my DNA. That being said, living in a big city requires lots of walking and I have become quite the experienced. The Nike 270s are my top choice of the airmax line.

Which are Best for Cross Training

AirMax 270 Bubble
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Verdict: Definitely the 270s

With more stability in the forefoot, the 270’s provide surer footing with lateral movements. Side to side motions are not as suitable for the 720’s.

Any type of movement class would require a stable forefoot area so that you can jump or dance. The 270’s have a firm forefoot and allow you redirect energy to where you need it more quickly.

The 720s are looser, squishier, and do not provide much help with moving transferring energy from one place to another. You can use them, but you will probably expend more energy moving than you might want. But, if you like exercising on pillows, this is definitely the shoe for you.

Which have the highest resale value

Verdict: 720s

Resale value on any sneaker is based on rarity and popularity. There are Nike 270s that are going to have a high resale value then the Nike 720s. And vice versa. 

Over the long run, it will come down to uniqueness as well as rarity. 

That is why I have said that the 720s have a higher resale value than the 270s. The 720s are far more unique and have a very different build than the 270s.


Choosing between two sneakers like the 720s and the 270s can be difficult. It all comes down to personal preference. 

If you’re looking to impress then I would go with the 720s. They serve as a great everyday shoe as well. But, they definitely turn heads more than the 270s.

For an all-around training and lounging shoe, I would recommend the 270s.  I like versatility. Being able to go to the gym or go out with friends in the same shoes is highly appealing. 

I hope this little vs guide has helped you.  

Have an awesome day!

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