How to Carry a Wallet or Money on a Bike Ride

For biking enthusiasts, taking a bike ride is one of the most exciting things to do; every biker looks forward to it. There is just something about hitting the road on a two-wheeled trip. However, one of the nightmares that most bike riders face is losing money and wallets. Many are times when you will just be out biking, and by the end of the day, you realize that the wallet with all your cash and documents are missing.

Below are some of the ways you can carry your money or wallet safely while still enjoying the ride.

A cycling wallet

Did you know that this is actually a thing? The size of a palm, a cycling wallet will calm in handy when carrying not only your money and wallet, you can also put other stuff in there. The good thing about these wallets is that they are easy to keep a hold of. The small size is advantages too; nobody will go on accusing you of carrying a purse on your trip.

Running Wallet
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Contrary to other wallets, a cycling wallet was explicitly designed for people on two-wheeled trips. Most of them have a design that seems to imitate the work of a jersey pocket organizer. Many of them will offer a protective sleeve for delicate devices such as your mobile phone. Additionally, the wallets also have a separate area for other items such as credit cards and keys.

In other cases, you can find a cycling wallet that is shaped in a way to reduce sagging and pocket bouncing. Therefore, if you are one of the people who cannot go for five minutes without confirming whether you have your money with you, these wallets are meant for you.

A backpack or hydration bag

When bikers are out riding bikes, it is not rare for them to carry backpacks and hydration. This is because they give you room to bring extra tools, food, water, and other things with you. Why not use it to carry your wallet and money too?

Running Bag / Hydration Bag
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Most people will tell you that they do not feel safe when money is in a backpack. Contrary to such opinions, backpacks have proven to be one of the safest ways to carry them. First of all, they have zips that, after you close, you are assured that nothing will be misplaced, even if there is a lot of movement.

Some backpacks have small pockets inside them specifically meant for carrying small items. These are the perfect places to put your money during the ride. However, it is essential to note that some of those inside pockets do not have zips. It would be best if you first confirmed that the pocket is safe enough to store the money.

Jersey Pocket

Bike Jersey Pocket
This is my wallet in one of my jersey pockets…

This can come in handy, especially for people who wear traditional jerseys. They have three pockets at the back, offering the simplest way to carry your money along with other personal effects. The benefit of carrying things in these pockets is that you can easily access them any time you want. Additionally, these pockets are hidden away, ensuring that even the most insecure people feel that their belongings are safe. To top it off, when you have this jersey, you do not require any additional equipment purchases to complement it.

However, even with all its safety, using a jersey pocket to carry your money isn’t flawlessly effective. This means that the money can slip out and get lost in the event of an accident or crash. Therefore, it is essential to keep confirming that the money is still there regularly. Also, adopting this method will mean that you will have to wear a jersey every time you feel like hitting the road.

Bibs pocket

If you are one of the riders that fancy bib shorts for your bike rides, then you are at an advantage. Some of these shorts have tiny pockets located on the bib straps. These pockets are specifically designed to help you carry small things such as keys, meaning that your money will also be safe here. These pockets are beneficial, especially if you are not planning o be out riding for too long or not carrying extra things with you.

Bibs pockets are an elegant way to carry your money. Other people cannot even notice that you have anything in them. Also, these pockets are spacious enough to accommodate other stuff such as your mobile phone.

However, before you purchase these bib shorts, you will have to research them. Why? It is because not all of them have these pockets. You can also find others with pockets, but they are in a position tough to reach. Some are even difficult to access to the extent that you first have to pull the shorts down, load or unload the pockets, then pull the shorts back up. It is up to you to get the most appropriate one. If you do so, losing your money during trips will be a thing of the past.

Bike Bag

Having your money on your bike bag is no different from having the bike carry the money for you. Bike bags have been so effective in carrying a biker’s accessories, including cash.

Bike Bag
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There are different types of bike bags. There are frame bags that are mainly used when one is out on a very long bike ride. You can also use them during bike packing experiences. The bag goes inside the frame, meaning that the capacity to carry other stuff such as water bottles is limited. It is also hard to reach for the money while riding. However, these bags are safe and secure for your money.

Another type of bike bag is a top tube bag. Found on the top-tube part of the bike, these bags are mainly used for carrying snacks. However, it is still possible to squeeze in your money, offering a more accessible option even when riding. If it is too big, the bag might keep flopping around.

You can also use a saddlebag. It is used to store the essential tools for flat repair tools. If you do not mind putting your money here, a saddlebag is a good option too.

Bike bags are very secure. Traps hold them tightly to the bike. They are also made of heavy, durable material with an external loop tag that can be used to clip it. Additionally, you can use them to carry other accessories, taking a lot of weight off your body. However, if your bike bag is big, it might get a little annoying, especially if you have also put heavier items in there, such as a mobile phone. It can also get in your way while riding. Therefore, it is not just a matter of getting a bike bag; you also have to consider whether the bag suits you.

Pants pockets

Yes, this is not the most secure way to carry your money, but at times you might find that it is the only available way. Very few trust their pant pockets with their money due to the fear of slipping off while you ride. However, putting your money in the pants pockets saves you from playing hide-and-seek games with your bag’s hidden pockets.

There are still safe ways through which you can carry your money in your pants pocket. Before anything, please keep in mind that nothing should ever go in your pants back pocket. You will not only be compromising your comfort, but you are also risking medical issues such as spinal misalignments. It would be best if you put your money and wallet in the front left pocket. The phone should go on the right side of the pocket, ensuring that you can easily reach for it with your right hand. For lefties, these should be reversed.

Ziplock bags

You might carry your money in your pockets while riding, and by the time you are reaching your destination, it is all wet and sweaty. These are the situations that call for zip lock bags. The good thing about them is that they are air-tight, waterproof, and sweatproof. Therefore, when you put money in them, no matter how hard you sweat, the money will still be intact. The zip lock bags will also keep the money safe even if it rains. You can also use it to store other small tools and accessories that can be destroyed by sweat or water.

Ziplock Bags
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Once you have loaded up your zip lock bag, there are plenty of options where you can keep it. For example, you can use the jersey pocket, hydration bag, or pants’ pockets.

Take Away

Safely carrying money on your bike ride is a balancing act between safety and utility. You want to keep it safe while at the same time ensuring that you can get to it whenever needed without stripping off your clothes. There are limitless things that you can use your money on during a bike ride. You can buy food, water, and cater for other fees. Therefore, keeping it safe should be your greatest priority. 

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