7 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Supination

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Best Running Shoes for Supination

Are you looking for the best running shoes for your supination? These are my top 7 pics. 

Two of the most important things to have in a running shoe for those of us that supinate, according to Healthline.com, are extra room in the forefoot of the shoe and extra cushioning throughout the shoe.

These are very light, well cushioned, and excellently designed neutral running shoes. For runners who supinate there are a myriad of issues that can arise as miles are increased.  There can be pain in the outer foot or toe area. There can be ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, or even back pain that arises from the simple act of running.  If you have a shoe that is tailored for helping those who overpronate instead of a neutral design, pain can arise in those areas mentioned above. That is why only neutral running shoes are included on this list.

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Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 – The Best Running Shoes for Supination

Nike - Pegasus Turbo 2 - Running Shoes for Supination
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The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 have a similar design to the shoes that Nike developed to help break the 2-hour marathon barrier.  The reason why these shoes will help you with your supination, or underpronation, is that they have ample cushioning, a responsive foam in the midsole of the shoe, lots of toe space, and they are very light.

One added benefit to these shoes, is that they are designed to help with energy efficiency while running. There is no conclusive evidence that proves why they are more energy efficient.  But there is proof that they are energy efficient when we run in them.

These Nikes were designed for people who have a neutral foot position that want to go fast. The interesting design feature that will benefit supinators, is that most runners who are running at a pace of 4 minutes and 30 seconds per mile supinate. Therefore, the average supinator will benefit from the design, cushioning, and responsive carbon plate that is inside the midsole.

The Pegasus were designed to help keep your toes in a more secure position so that the energy exerted from your toes can transfer into the forward motion of your running.

This might be a problem if you supinate so much that your toes need to spread out more. But, this is really just based on the design that Nike intended. This is not based on individual preferences or your own biomechanics. So, really it comes down to trying them on and seeing how they feel when you run.

ON Cloud 2.0 – The 2nd Best Running Shoe for Supination

ON  - Cloud 2.0 - Running Shoes for Supination
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The ON Cloud 2.0 is a neutral shoe that is designed for most runners. Yet, it works well for those that supinate.  They have excellent cushioning, ample room in the forefoot for the toes to move around, and are very lightweight.

 I highly recommend the shoes because I own a pair of them.  They are extremely comfortable. the first time I tried them on I couldn’t believe how much they felt like I was walking on a cloud. Pun intended, it actually felt like walking on little pillows that were perfectly designed to comfort the right area of my foot and right place. 

The only downside I have experienced with these shoes, is that they can be a little restrictive in the heel. Those of us that supinate, may need to have more freedom in the heel of the shoe. 

Overall, these shoes have a wonderful design and they look great. They come from a company that is not as famous as the big name athletic shoe companies, but they are an excellent running shoe company. As a triathlete, when you go to a race, you will see many contestants wearing these.  They’re great for anything from a 5K to a full marathon.

Adidas Ultra Boost 20 – Great Running Shoes for Underpronation

Adidas - Ultra boost 20 - Running Shoes for Underpronation
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The Adidas Ultra boost 2.0 were designed to increase energy conversion from your foot’s downward force to an upward force, increase comfort, and maintain stability during running. As mentioned above they have all of the main characteristics that we look for in running shoes for supination. They’re very lightweight, have lots of room in the forefoot, and they are well cushioned.

They have robust stitching and their mesh upper has a sock like feeling. The upper mash is designed to allow more airflow onto your foot and provide more breathability. The neutral position provided by this shoe will allow for your foot to naturally roll as you like when you supinate.

The Adidas Ultra boost allows your foot to move as it naturally would.  The cushioning on the sides you are strong enough to withstand your constant pressure. 

The foam is designed to cause a spring back effect just as the previously mentioned shoes to do.  They’re also very durable. 

This is a very good option for those who are looking for a nice profile that is not overly exaggerated on the heel.

The heel-to-toe rise is low. If you are a heel striker or forefoot striker, these will work well. When we supinate, we may strike on our heel, midfoot or forefoot.

Asics Gel Cumulus – An Excellent Running Shoe for Underpronation

ASICS Men’s Gel Cumulus - Running Shoes for Underpronation
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I’m a big fan of ASICS clothing and shoes. This company was founded and built around the idea of helping runners with nearly every running problem that could occur.  They want us to have a great running experience and be able to continue that running experience for the rest of our lives.

I have a lot of running friends who love ASICS. I used to wear ASICS when I was much younger, but I haven’t used them over the past decade or so.  Many of my running friends swear by them. They’re comfortable, they last a long time, and the Gel Cumulus, in particular, are designed for a neutral running experience.  That is why I’ve included them in the category of best running shoes for supination. 

They have ample room in the forefoot for your toes to be comfortable, but they are designed to help them stay in place as well.  They will allow you to supinate, yet keep your feet protected and comfortable with each step.

HOKA One One Bondi – Superb Running Shoe Cushioning for Underpronation

Hoka One One - Bondi - Running shoes for Under Pronation
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These shoes are excellent for those of us who need running shoes for supination.  I really have changed my views on thickly cushioned shoes because of the Hoka One One Bondi.  These are excellent for keeping your foot cushion as you roll on the outside of your foot. They have lots of cushioning.  They have great space in the front of the shoe so that your toes are free.  I think they are very light weight for their size.  

One of the most important distinctions with these well cushioned shoes, is that they have a super low heel to toe rise.  At only 4 millimeters from heel to toe, your feet won’t have the need to adjust to the overall height of the sole.  

If you’re worried about how strange they look, the look is growing in the professional community. Lots of professional triathletes, marathoners and ultra distance runners like to use these during races and for training.  

So, even if you think they look silly right now, as you look back on the pictures that you’ve taken with these on, you will see them as being the style of the day.

Overall, I think these are an excellent choice for those who really are looking for comfort and lightness in a shoe that allows their feet to supinate.

New Balance Men’s Fuel Cell Echo – Wonderful for Supination

New Balance - Men’s Fuel Cell Echo
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I think these shoes are really cool and an excellent find if you are looking for running shoes for supination. They are well designed for those of us who supinate.  With a neutral sole platform, they can be used by those who overpronate, supinate, or have a neutral foot rotation.  The cool part is the beauty of the design.  Like the ubiquitous yoga pants that you see on nearly everybody, these are the type of shoes that people wear to look like they run or workout a lot.  There is merit to the idea that looking good can help us feel better.  

Aside from a beautiful design, the cushioning, the tread, the upper mesh, and the weight all work well with those who supinate.  I really think these are one of the best options for runners who supinate.  Like most foam cushioning in current running shoes over the past couple of years, these have a recoil design that propels your feet forward.  

As supination while running can cause pain on the outside of your foot, cause pain in your ankle or many other areas up the leg, having excellent cushioning is important.  The New Balance Men’s Fuel Echo are well suited to possibly prevent pain up the leg.  Try them out, see how they work for a few runs and adjust according to what your physician or physiotherapist recommend.

Brooks Revel 3 – Great for Supination

Brooks Revel 3
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The Brooks Revel 3 hold up just as well as a neutral, lightweight, and roomy running shoe for supination.  I know this sounds very repetitive, but in reality all you need is a lightweight and well cushioned shoe to keep your feet and legs comfortable as you run with a supinated foot landing.  The Brooks Revel 3 provide that and more.  

They have a broader forefoot than most running shoes.  This allows for those with wider feet to fit these shoes with more comfort.  The laces have a nice feel, and a replacement pair are easy to come by.  The soles are made from space age technology that provides a more comfortable ride on the road than Brooks’ predecessors.  

Overall, I recommend these for a runner who has a wider foot and underpronates.  I like the design and many runners have provided stellar reviews of these shoes.  

Try them out.  See how they feel when you naturally run.  If they don’t work for you, stop running in them and try a new pair.  

In Conclusion

I recommend that you try any or all of these running shoes for supination or underpronation.  Remember that in reality any of these shoes could work if they are well suited for your running style and your comfort level.  The selection process is very individual.  Though I give my educated opinion on these shoes and provide my reasons, it ultimately comes down to you making the decision to try them out.  And if none of these on the list work for you, try another pair that provide cushioning, are very lightweight, and have room for your toes to move as they naturally do.  

Consult a physician or physiotherapist to help you with the decision of the right running shoes.  They may recommend a store bought orthotic or custom fitted orthotic that you can insert into your shoes.  Do the exercises that they recommend.  

Most of the time, to alleviate pain, you need to get into the routine of stretching, mobilizing, and strengthening your feet and legs to withstand the pressures placed upon them while running.  Running shoes for supination are only a small part of proper functional running health and strength.  Short term solutions are great, but remember that long term decisions you make about running equipment and exercises may be more difficult to change or improve.  

All that being said, I hope that this article gives hope to those who supinate.  There are shoes out there that will work well with your style of running.  You don’t necessarily have to change the way you run to enjoy running and stay healthy.  

I hope you enjoyed this article.  Have an awesome day!