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Thank out for visiting TriathletesTribe.com… My name is Tres Stallworth.  About 5 years about I was getting a little bored with just running, so some friends invited me to go to a triathlon.  I went totally out of shape and unprepared.  I finished the race, barely :). But, I fell in love with the sport.  Last year I trained and trained.  And in October of 2017 I finished a beautiful race on a subtropical island.  Surprisingly, I finished 3rd in my age group.

I got a bike coach, a professional bike fit, and all sorts of necessary add-ons to get a comfortable and functional bike position.  Swimming was my weakest event, but now I can pump out a couple of kilometers with relative ease.  And my running has even gotten much smoother.  My body and mind have adjusted to the rigors of being a triathlete.

I built this website to help other triathletes achieve their goals.  One way I am trying to help is to raise awareness about mindfulness and meditation.  It’s a wonderful skill that cannot only benefit our everyday lives, but greatly benefit all that comes with being a triathlete.

I also write articles to help promote local triathlons throughout the US.  I really want the voice of the average triathlete to be heard.   I have begun promoting my thoughts on running, swimming and cycling products that I think will benefit triathletes.

I hope you enjoy my website.  If there are any tips or pointers that you would like to share, please send me an email at:

[email protected]

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